SAS: Rogue Warriors 2017 Documentary

The Special Air Service is the world's most famous combat unit, with the motto 'Who Dares Wins', but the story of how it came into existence has been, until now, .

SAS - The search for warriors Part 1

This is part 1 in a 2 part documentary shown by SBS in Australia about the selection criteria and course within the Australian SASR.

Fomer SAS Phil Campion says get rid of them and nip it in the bud

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British SAS (World War II)

Special Forces unit: British SAS, World War Two The Special Air Service was formed by David Stirling in 1941. Its purpose was to act as a desert raiding airborne.

ASMR Korean Cold Noodles + Kimbap (gimbap) STICKY EATING SOUNDS | SAS-ASMR

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British SAS and US Marines fight the taliban in a heavy firefight.

SAS • Special Air Service


Recruits Do "The Sickener" Intense SAS Challenge Until Four Drop Out | SAS: Who Dares Wins

The recruits are made to do one of the most intensive, physically and mentally challenging SAS trials, "The Sickener", until four of them drop out.


Trechos de partidas ranqueadas com jogadas de destaque.

SAS for True Beginners Part 1

Comfort with the Workspace.


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  • The Little SAS Book

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  • Dangerous Men

    Pluto Press. 1997. 196 pages.

    In the popular imagination the Special Air Service Regiment, or SAS, is perceived as both protector and avenger of the Crown and emblematic of staunch British individualism. In Dangerous Men, John Newsinger analyses the recent glut of popular books, magazines and films based on the activities of the SAS and assesses the aggressive masculinity, graphic violence and military prowess that are represented in many of the works, and their use in perpetuating myths of muscle-flexing nationalism. The...

  • SAS Component Language

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Best Recruit SAS Selection Course 1970. There were 600 on the course that year.
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Standards Aligned System. The Standards Aligned System (SAS), developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is a comprehensive, researched-based resource to ...

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