1970 Chevy Van For Sale

1970 Chevrolet G20 Van for sale in Nationwide, NC 27603 at C #VNclassics

This 1970 Chevrolet G20 Van is for sale in Nationwide, NC 27603 at Classicautosforsale.

1968 Chevrolet Chevy Van SPORTVAN 108 for sale in Omaha, NE

This 1968 Chevrolet Chevy Van SPORTVAN 108 is for sale in Omaha, NE 68106 at FAIR TRADE MOTORS.

1971 Chevy Van and Pickup Truck Commercial - National Sales Contest

Gotta move them out.

Derek Lemmons 1968 Chevy Van

Derek Lemmons 68 Chevy Van filmed filmed by John Koterba of MyVanOnVideo.

Just buy Nice Chevy van shorty 1977 boogie van !!


What a pleasure to see an existing Chevy Van since these were so visible on streets decades ago and seldom seen today.

Wayne's Chevy "Shorty" Van!

A few years ago I started a search for an early 1970's Chevy "shorty" van.

Classic 1967 Chevy P10 Step Van. FOR SALE

This is a nicely restored 1967 Chevy P10 Step Van that has recently been painted "Raiders" Silver and Black 2 tone.

Chevy Van G10 004.MOV

For Sale One of a kind 1995 Chevy G10 Van 31000 original with baseball legend Roger Maris.

1966 Chevrolet G10 Van - SOLD

This black-plated California van has a 230 straight-6, rare.

Chevrolet Garnered 21.3 Percent Market Share In Colombia In April 2017 - GM Authority (blog)

Editor’s Note Latin American sales reporting is typically available 45 days after the end of the month. The model of the Cruze sold in Colombia the same as the D2 platform -based model sold in other markets such as North America. The N300 van , a small and low-cost van development and built by GM’s joint venture partner Wuling and imported from China, exemplified particular promise of being one of the brand’s best-sellers, as it held 41. 8 percent market share in its... In Colombia, the Spark GT saw a 10. 1 percent increase in sales compared to March 2016. The Chevrolet Cruze, meanwhile, saw a 0. 8 percent increase in market share. Zona Cafetera — sales increased 23. 56 percent Costa – sales increased 23. 1 percent Zona Occidente – sales increased 24. 44 percent Santander and Tolima Grande – sales increased 28. 12 percent The GM Authority Take The sales increases in these... Source: gmauthority.com

Buff Whelan Chevrolet: Fire a 'pretty big speed bump' but they're still in business - Detroit Free Press

Fire officials said there were no reports of injuries. Bechtell said anyone who was inside scampered out. Bechtell said “we’re not completely sure what happened. Bechtell didn’t name the cleaning crew, but said it is a regular firm that comes in every night. It sold 808 cars last month, Bechtell said. The other day it was intact,” he said of the service department. We’ll be back Friday,” Gild said he told the salesman, saying he and the dealership are “better than a family member. It was not damaged in the blaze, and he said the dealership may give him a car until he can get his back. Tom Bechtell stood in front of the twisted, burned and partially-collapsed steel building that less than 24 hours earlier housed Buff Whelan Chevrolet's service department. Miller said today the cause of the fire remains under investigation and investigators are trying to obtain video to help them. While the mood was somber, Bechtell said he told everyone to “keep the faith” and they’ve made it through other difficult times, including a flooded showroom and offices after a water main broke under the building about a decade ago. Fire Chief Chris Martin told the Free Press on Tuesday night that a cleaning crew was using a floor buffer when the buffer struck something that apparently set off of the fire. Bob Gild, 77, who lives about a mile away in Sterling Heights, said he’s been buying cars at Buff Whelan since 1983. He was to pick up a 2017 Chevrolet Impala today, but told his salesman he would come back for it. “Just relax. He said the dealership is accommodating customers as best as possible – without telephone service and only email and text – and giving out courtesy vehicles if necessary. Bechtell said the dealership has 200 courtesy vehicles and plans to add 50 more to the fleet today for customers. “We’ve worked hard to create our customer base and we want them to all know that we’re still here for ‘em. A little fire isn’t gonna not make us be here for ‘em,” Bechtell told reporters as burnt stench lingered in the air today and fencing... “We can’t thank enough all of the firefighters and first-responders who tirelessly worked throughout the night,” Kerry Whelan, the dealership’s owner and daughter of founder Buff Whelan, said in a statement. Despite the sadness he and the dealership's other 181 employees feel, it's business as usual -- or as best as usual -- at the Sterling Heights dealership, which touts that it has been the top Chevrolet dealer in Michigan since 2001 and is ranked... He said if the dealership's insurance does not pay for the customers' damaged vehicles, Buff Whelan Chevrolet will cover the customers' cost. Bechtell said the dealership has to figure out whose vehicles were in the service department and notifying customers whose cars were destroyed. Bechtell said 20 to 30 mechanics work in the service department and another 20 to 30 people work in the body shop not to mention dozens of other employees –- the fire directly affecting up to 100 employees. Miller said the body shop and some vehicles sustained smoke and heat damage in what he said is biggest fire in the city in at least the last quarter-century. "I feel like I lost my best friend," the general sales manager said today of the longtime Macomb County car dealership where the service department and 15 to 20 vehicles appear to be total losses after a four-alarm blaze Tuesday night. Miller said the building is an “expensive loss,” and Bechtell said it appears the service department is a total loss. Bechtell said the business, in the Van Dyke location since 1972, is looking for a new service facility for the 200 to 300 vehicles it services daily. To have a full-service dealership, he acquired 13 acres on Van Dyke, south of 18 Mile, where the showrooms, body shop and service facilities are located, according to the dealership's website. Source: www.freep.com

How to get a Gen V LT4 into your classic Chevy - Super Chevy Network

It’s not cheap—the wet-sump version comes in at just under $13K. But where else can you find this kind of technology for that kinda cash. This may seem like a small thing, but the overall project demanded hundreds of hours of fabrication work to produce the results presented here. But if you dig around online you can find others that do offer power steering solutions. Valve Sizes: Intake: 2. 12/1. 59 inch Intake/Exhaust. The key to fitting everything was stepping the aluminum mounting plate off the firewall to allow running the massive wire package underneath the plate. Plus, Gillman reversed the cover on the GM trans controller so it would read correctly while exiting the wiring in the necessary direction. Engine Redline: 6,600 rpm. With this latest generation engine, we’ve had to revert to a subscript to help differentiate the players. But what is difficult to portray here is the hundreds of hours put into fabricated brackets, tubing, mounts, adapters, and creativity that fill in the white space between each of these photos. This demanded hours of fabrication work to squeeze the cooler into place, including mods to the hood latch support bracket that appears stock—it is not. It’s the new kid/engine on the block. We discovered this build after it had begun when our friend Scott Gillman hired on at GAS as a fabricator and creative consultant along with fellow fabricator Eric Simpkins. Lubrication: Dry-sump or wet-sump. Keep in mind GAS was installing a wet-sump engine. The Legacy of LT1. It’s a form of name-dropping. This final shot of the completed engine compartment may look like the swap was easy – it was not. The LT4 was the perfect solution. This compressor demands 30 amps continuous electrical current that the stock alternator can easily supply along with the other electrical demands. In the second photo, Gillman has already converted the accessory drive over to include a hydraulic power steering pump. This is man-sized power trickling down from GM’s engineering mountaintop that you can have dropped off at your garage door. This was an offshoot of the small-block with a cam-driven water pump, an optical-triggered distributor also driven off the front of the cam called Opti-Spark, and a reverse cooling system. When someone mentions LT1 these days—the first question that has to be asked is “Which one. Luckily, there are a few intrepid souls who have embraced this Gen V engine and are not afraid to boldly take on the challenge. So climb in and hang on as we take you for a fun ride down LT4 Swap Alley. This was followed in ’96 with the LT4 that enjoyed larger intake ports, a more aggressive camshaft, and bigger valves. This created a serious packaging challenge because the engine was in a fixed position yet there had to be sufficient room to fit the required 4-inch inlet tube. Bore/Stroke: 4. 065 x 3. 622. HP: 650 hp at 6,400 rpm. An earlier photo showed a pair of coolers: one for the supercharger intercooler and one for engine oil. This required Gillman to create a power steering mount and fit a Corvette pump using a pulley from a Chrysler product. Because the GM spins the smaller blower fast, this engine makes 625 lb-ft of torque at only 2,800 rpm. A good solution for fuel delivery would be an Aeromotive Phantom in-tank fuel pump conversion using the Stealth 340 pump. All this as the LT4 equaled 330 hp and 340 lb-ft of torque. There just wasn’t room for the factory LT4 A/C compressor and relocating it proved troublesome, so GAS opted for an electric A/C pump offered by Sean Hyland Motorsports. Here is the arrangement of the engine’s ECU, 4L80E trans controller, and the factory LT4 fuse box. The first LT1 option for Chevrolet engines was in 1970 in the Corvette. This pump is rated at 700 hp for forced induction EFI systems, but you might consider using a larger 450-lph pump that will cover up to 800 forced induction horsepower. In the performance world where we live, the “hot rod” correction factor adds another 5 percent—making this LT4 somewhere around 680 hp. But you don’t have to buy a new Corvette to get one. The LT1 in the Corvette was rated at 300 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque and also powered Camaros and Firebirds and even in a lower horsepower application with iron heads in B-body cars. As more GDI swaps are attempted, more information will begin to disseminate—just like it has for the Gen III/Gen IV engines. The dry-sump LT4 version would have been even more difficult when faced with the issue of finding space for the dry-sump tank and routing the plumbing. The Chevelle’s owner, Robbie Schaeffer chose a wet-sump LT4 Chevrolet Performance crate engine for the swap. It wasn’t long before this engine appeared in the Chevrolet Performance catalog as a crate engine. Our friends at Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) in Van Nuys, California, recently took in a ’67 Chevelle from customer Robbie Schaeffer who was tired of the car’s current 572ci carbureted crate engine. That was an 11:1 compression 350ci small-block Chevy making 370 hp at 6,000 and 380 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. Getting to Know the LT4. LT4 Specs. Gen V engines require a fuel delivery system capable of no less than 72 psi and 45 gallons per minute (gpm) of fuel delivered to the engine-mounted high-pressure pump. The LT1/LT4 is still a two-valve, pushrod, V-8 with coils for each cylinder and electronic throttle control. ” Here is a quick history rerun on Chevrolet’s use of this Regular Production Option (RPO) code of LT1 and LT4. All stories need to start at the beginning. The LT1 was gone by ’73. RPO LT1 returned to the Chevrolet roster in 1992 with the introduction of what Chevrolet called the Gen II small-block. The LT1 was also available in the Camaro, but devalued to 360 hp. The RPO LT1 lost much of its luster in ’71 at only 330 hp mainly due to a precipitous drop in compression. The LT1/LT4 engine accessory drives come without a power steering pump since the Corvette uses electric steering. The gasoline direct injection (GDI) LT1 made its appearance in the 2014 Corvette, quickly followed by its supercharged LT4 cousin making a killer 650 hp. Let’s not run past this point—a production engine making 650 hp. And that’s rated using the... These interim Gen II engines bowed out in 1997 with the introduction of the Gen III LS1. Now we have the third generation of the LT1 and LT4—the first LT4 with a supercharger. GDI engines are a completely new animal, but then so was the LS1 when it first appeared in 1997. Yes, the LT1/LT4 engines are significantly different, which is why GM labeled this family as Gen V. But really, the Gen V’s have much in common with... We call the earliest version the LT1A, the Gen II engines the LT1B and LT4B, and the latest version the LT1C and LT4C. Source: www.superchevy.com

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    Register your sale by Aug. 27 by calling 330-297-7573 or email ruthannbartholomew@yahoo.com. Your address will be advertised in the Record-Courier along with other township participants and a map noting the location of the sales will be available at

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    "I feel like I lost my best friend," the general sales manager said today of the longtime Macomb County car dealership where the service department and 15 to 20 vehicles appear to be total losses after a four-alarm blaze Tuesday night. Despite

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    . 21st Century Swap: What it takes to install a supercharged Gen V LT4 Our friends at Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) in Van Nuys, California, recently took in a '67 Chevelle from customer Robbie Schaeffer who

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    No wonder Chrysler scored such a monumental sales hit when it introduced the first minivans to the United States market in 1983, for the 1984 model year: the Dodge Caravan and its corporate cousin, the Plymouth Voyager. Sure, the minivan There had

  • Plainview man killed, Lubbock man injured in Castro County van rollover

    05/20/17 ,via LubbockOnline.com

    Investigators believe 29-year-old DeAngelo Richardson of Lubbock was driving a 2002 Chevrolet van east on SH 86 less than a mile east of Nazareth when the vehicle veered off the roadway and into the south barrow ditch. He overcorrected the vehicle, 


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