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New 2019 BackPack SS-1500 Lite Pop Up Slide In Pickup Truck Camper for Sale

Half Ton, Long 8' Bed, Shower, Toilet, Power Roof Lift

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Slide-In Truck Campers For 1/2 Ton Pickups - Episode 198

Discoveries made after checking out and touring Slide-In Truck Campers for 1/2 ton pickups.

Chalet TS116 Triple Slide Truck Camper

The new Chalet TS116 "Triple Slide" truck camper made by Chalet RV. This video clip was made by Truck Camper Magazine.

Travel Lite 770R Slide in Camper

We decided to sell our Runaway and we bought the Travel Lite 770R because our Ram 1500 has such a low payload capacity we were limited in the number of .

CampLite Truck Camper 5.7 tour.

The CampLite 5. 7 all aluminum truck camper by LivinLite is a perfect fit for the Ford Ranger.

pop-up hard side truck campers by Alaskan Campers :Overland Expo 2017

This pop up truck camper caught my eye because it has something not many pop up truck campers have.

I finally bought a slide in truck camper!

Future plans and initial run through of issues for my new to me slide in camper.


Truck Camper Tour | Young Couple Living & Traveling Full Time in Less than 120 sq ft!

We have a 2000 Lance 835 EC truck camper on our 2000 Ford F250. We've been living in our camper.

Four Wheel Camper - Interior tour of our pop-up truck camper

com/recommended-camping-gear-for-truck-campers/ Articles about our Four.

The GZL Pickup Truck Camper

he new GZL, a pickup truck camper that turns the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier into a capable expedition rig.

Gecko camper flips and folds to make your truck home - New Atlas

The standard electrical package includes a 105Ah AGM battery, three 12V outlets, a fuse panel, and LED lighting in the kitchen and storage areas. The interior of the camper shell serves as the "downstairs" and features an L-shaped sofa with room for four adults. The 75L water tank and self-priming pump deliver water, and an available shower package supplies a hot outdoor shower. While most of Gecko's materials focus on its use as a truck camper, it can also be removed and stood on four legs, as the company demonstrated at the Melbourne-based 4x4 show. Gecko also offers a dual-cab model with an added alcove-style children's sleeping area over top the truck cab. Instead of trying to stuff a kitchen into the small camper box interior, as in truck campers like the EarthCruiser GZL and Quantis Marq , Gecko has built a trailer/canopy-style kitchen outside. The driver-side panel flips up and serves as a bit of cover, providing access to a simple kitchen with slide-out dual-burner gas stove with grill, drop-down countertop and available slide-out, drop-down refrigerator. Source:

Installing the Torklift SuperHitch Magnum 30K Hitch Receiver and SuperTruss Receiver Extension - Four Wheeler Network

That’s more than what many receivers are rated at without an extension. The likelihood of that happening is directly proportional to how full the tank is. Yep, ours was full so it took a while before it was feasible to drop the skidplate and retrieve the washer. Sitting lower is a standard 2-inch while the upper is a 2 1/2-inch. Since larger campers usually require an extension to clear the rear overhang, there’s a lot of leverage and forces involved. For the latter, the Magnum 30K comes with a reducer insert that fits far better than the Ram factory ones do, keeping rattles and movement to a minimum when using a regular 2-inch ball mount in the upper position. Here’s the only opportunity we know of to use two BOLT locks (which adapt to work with your truck’s ignition key) on one receiver. One thing we’re not crazy about is that the receiver tubes are angled up about 2. 5 degrees, supposedly to help with the departure angle when using long extensions. It’s highly unlikely that the Magnum 30K will be the weak link in your towing system, and they it’s available for most common pickups, all without a need for drilling any holes. Now, before you ask, “Why would I want a receiver that is rated to tow much more than my pickup is capable of. ” consider that there’s nothing wrong with having that extra capacity. Yes, the SuperHitch Magnum 30K costs more than lesser receivers, but it’s also two receivers in one. With Torklift’s SuperTruss receiver extension sticking out 48 inches (the SuperTruss is available in lengths from 21-60 inches), the Magnum 30K is still rated at 12,000 pounds and 1,200 pounds of tongue weight (with weight distributing). Let’s use a pickup truck fitted with a slide-in truck camper as an example. Source:

EarthCruiser shrinks off-road expedition camping down to Tacoma size - New Atlas

The GZL starts at US$36,000 with the standard specs, and options include additional LED lighting, an exterior awning, an induction cooktop and an inverter, along with the solar and lithium electrical add-ons mentioned above. The lower door has an integrated set of steps, making it easy to get up to pickup bed level. An included folding tripod lets campers use the dinette table outside. Campers enter through a hatch with claw-like upper and lower strut-supported doors, creating the feel of boarding some kind of spacecraft. A 78 L fresh water tank, 6 L water heater and automatic pump provide the hot and cold water. The upper bed folds away into the alcove to provide more headroom for the dinette, and the removable table can swivel to help occupants get in and out of the benches. The GZL features a cabover profile that pops open at the back with help from gas struts, providing 6. 9 feet (2. 1 m) of headroom at its highest point (29 in/74 cm from the top of the upper bed mattress to ceiling). This design provides more permanent countertop space and gets the stove out of the way when you don't need it. EarthCruiser also shows photos of a stove built atop the kitchen block counter and mentions an indoor/outdoor propane stove, so there's... This pop-up design gives it a lower profile than other slide-in campers, and the smooth, rounded edges of the fiberglass only help in creating a sleek look on the road. There's no separate washroom, so a removable shower curtain serves to partition the corner of the camper for washing, a 6. 5-foot (2-m) shower hose connects to a hot water hookup on the kitchen block, and a floor drain keeps the water flowing onward. The model we saw at Overland Expo East earlier this month split the usual kitchen combo of stove and sink up, putting the sink, countertop and 40 L fridge/freezer on the main kitchen unit against the driver-side wall and moving a drop-down stove... 4-in (357-cm)-long GZL slides into the short or long bed of a Toyota Tacoma or the bed of a Nissan Frontier, adding about 850 lb (386 kg). The monocoque fiberglass cabin shell is insulated with 20-mm insulation. The main 55 x 77-in (140 x 195-cm) upper bed extends out from the alcove over the driver cab, and the four-person, two-bench dinette converts to a second 45 x 65-cm (115 x 165-cm) bed. Source:

Latest News

  • Gecko camper flips and folds to make your truck home

    08/26/17 ,via New Atlas

    In place of the straight or hinge pop-tops often seen on slide-on campers like this one, the Gecko's roof folds out into a full, A-frame-style roof-top tent with sleeping space for two. A cover keeps the bedding in place so that all you have to do is

  • Installing the Torklift SuperHitch Magnum 30K Hitch Receiver and SuperTruss Receiver Extension

    08/08/17 ,via Four Wheeler Network

    Let's use a pickup truck fitted with a slide-in truck camper as an example. Since larger campers usually require an extension to clear the rear overhang, there's a lot of leverage and forces involved. With Torklift's SuperTruss receiver extension

  • Contemporary camping

    08/10/17 ,via The Daily Planet

    A camper sets up at Ridgway State Park with a small travel trailer and the family pet. She said park rangers also have seen a lot of the new tent attachments to pickups and campers as well as more tiny trailers and small, teardrop-shaped trailers

  • EarthCruiser shrinks off-road expedition camping down to Tacoma size

    10/27/16 ,via New Atlas

    The GZL is a rather radical departure from those two vehicles, a slide-in pickup truck camper that transforms a mid-size pickup truck into a full-blown expedition vehicle. While full-sized off-road motorhomes are made to wander the world for months and

  • Streamlined pickup camper features lightweight composite design

    06/06/17 ,via New Atlas

    The massive, earth-wandering big rigs of Overland Expo West are always a sight to see, but sometimes what makes the most impact are the lighter, sleeker designs of the show. One such design that grabbed our eye this year, the Leentu pickup truck camper 


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    1978. 18 pages.
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    Gibbs Smith. 2017. ISBN: 9781586857738,1586857738. 160 pages.

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  • Motorhome and Pickup Camper Safety

    1978. 18 pages.

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Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal in Wikipedia The Renault Estafette is a small front-wheel drive van, first introduced in 1959, initially using the water-cooled Renault Ventoux engine, then later the Sierra engine in...
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A Bit Rough
I need confirmation, but are these front mounted spares due to the use of a slide in camper body?
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