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Can NASCAR save itself when Dale Earnhardt Jr. is gone ... - SB Nation

The infield smells like gasoline and cigarettes. He’s beloved by his fan base for his funny tweets , a hashtag dedicated to his love of burritos ( #DiBuritto ), and his honesty on Reddit and Snapchat. Dale is 22nd and falling. And although it was an almost impossible order, the son has managed to win over the crowd that still worships the father. His following isn’t huge: He has about 50k followers on Twitter, peanuts compared to Chase Elliott’s 700,000, or Danica Patrick’s millions. He's a smart kid who knows better than to offend anyone — an easy thing to do in the age of the internet — and put his sponsorships or public perception at risk. And it’s mostly white people who want to tear these down. “Look,” Jim says. BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY — 3:11:15, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. It echoes outside the walls and across the hills, a deafening heartbeat inside the stadium’s metallic rib cage. The most interesting thing he said was that he wants to watch the upcoming solar eclipse from an airplane. Bristol sits empty, straddling state lines and decades, the past and the present. BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY — 11:45:58, FRIDAY MORNING. Cars and money matter more than talent now. They’ve subsumed the drivers inside and become sentient. I walk up to the No. 3 car. We passed five cars. Fans put in earplugs or don noise-blocking headphones. NASCAR seems to think a last name can make up for a lack of charm. Not that a sedan you’d drive off a lot has much in common with the one I’m staring at now, anyways. The stadium’s walls are as vertical as the hills, but they’re made of metal instead of earth, plastered with corporations’ neon signs rather than trees and underbrush. Perhaps NASCAR will wise up and realize this could actually be key to his — and the sport’s — future success. Shaking his head and putting his hands on his hips, he stares at the Chevy that let him down. Then you’ve got the drivers: Earnhardts, Allisons, Waltrips, Elliotts. I went last night to walk around the campground. I understand now why one of this place’s nicknames is “Thunder Valley” — the sound climbs to 140 decibels, the same as an aircraft carrier in full swing. They’d pack potent, highly flammable, homemade booze in the trunks of their Fords and Chevys and outrun state troopers, tearing around the sharp corners of country roads. Busch wins, sweeping the weekend for the second time in his career. I’m standing on the asphalt of the infield, sweating in the thick Tennessee heat, watching a pit crew guy screw lug nuts onto a tire. There’s only one-third of the vendors here from three years ago. Those words are now set in plastic in the form of a huge statue in the fan zone outside the stadium’s gates. Ads for DOW Chemical splash the car’s black sides. This machine resembles something a UFO would pilot more than it looks like the Camry I’ve rented. I pull a sharp left and channel my inner bootlegger, speeding up as I round a corner before pulling into the lot next to the stadium. DiBenedetto knows he needs more sponsors, but he can’t get them because he isn’t winning. The sport also adopted more safety measures and reconfigured some tracks to make them less dangerous. Kyle Busch puts on a show, but fans hate him. They adjust their radio scanners to track their favorite drivers. DiBenedetto, however, looks like a normal dude from Grass Valley, Calif. It makes its way down the drive, honking the whole time. The remaining fans don’t stop cheering until it’s out of sight. I make my way into the stands, which have mostly filled up along the straightaways but are still half-empty around the turns. Cindy Lee sells unofficial NASCAR merchandise from a tent in the Earhart Campground outside the stadium’s gates. It would be like taking the NFL, making each touchdown worth nine points, resetting the score at halftime, and tacking on a five-game postseason after the Super Bowl. They’re just happy Dale Jr. is still here. The sound of 40 cars starting up at once rumbles from the pits. What remains to be seen is whether there’s any driver in the sport today who can even come close to filling his. Fans who did know the sport in its wild, lawless form miss it even more. And he isn’t winning because he doesn’t have the best car. Black-and-white photos of Dale Sr. are plastered onto the cinder block walls. Attendance has fallen so much that there’s hardly anyone on the road right now and won’t be until this afternoon, but no one’s thought to change the schedule. It was racing. “I’m mad at Earnhardt and Johnson for calling for taking down the Confederate flag,” he says. NASCAR’s favorite son says something muddled into the microphone, then raises it above his head, triumphant. The cars practicing are so loud that he has to lean in very close to hear me when I ask him his name. They tried to appeal to a broader national audience, forgetting that they were built on the backs of die-hard fans who bought season tickets to regional tracks. “This race is terrible. “You never could get a ticket unless you knew someone who had season tickets who was selling one. Racing is made up of dynasties. ) This race is more tetherball game than fistfight. “I don’t like it. It’s the same as these people calling for tearing down these monuments. And even then, it took Dale Jr. a while to be loved for who he is rather than who his father was. “But yeah, I could send one tweet and ruin my entire career,” he jokes, tapping his phone, which sits on the table in front of us. I tell him I could too, and we both laugh, fall silent, then shudder before continuing our conversation. You can be the most gifted driver in the world, and it doesn't matter if you don’t have the cash. “Just like Dale Sr. ” he mouths. And he can’t get in the best car because he doesn't have sponsors, because he isn't winning. I whip around to find a guy wearing a DRUNK LIVES MATTER T-shirt bending down so that his face is level with mine, about three inches away. The drivers left long ago, but fans still wait outside while the trucks roll out. This will suck, and he’ll be pissed about it. He’ll release an honest video on Twitter telling his fans he’s sorry and that he’s as upset as they are. DiBenedetto managed to crawl his way up a few spots, but he’s stuck firmly in 29th. There are very few wrecks. But that and many of the sport’s other plans flamed out after the recession, when the states that many fans come from — Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and California — were hit the hardest by the economic crash. Fans flip him off, but he has his 2-year-old son Brexton with him, and the kid repeatedly pretends to fall as he holds his dad’s hand. At a press conference later, Busch will say he told his son to yell, “Truck yeah. I don’t want to be out there just packing it in. It’s a lot of work to run 23rd, I’ll say that. Austin Dillon will drive it in tomorrow’s race. When you watch a race on television, you can’t feel the rumbles. The most substantial thing inside, besides the 900 horsepower engine under the hood, is the HANS device, a safety measure that looks like a neck brace with extra padding. Busch bends down, and Brexton screams what sounds like “Fuck yeah. refused to wear his and died after colliding head-on with a retaining wall during the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001. That October, NASCAR made head restraints mandatory. Between the ticket prices, transportation, and lodging, it can cost families thousands of dollars to go to a race. “It’s sad and frustrating to see what happened,” Dale Jr said at his Thursday press conference. For a few moments, as they battle it out, the race is thrilling. “No, I mean, it’s frustrating every week,” Dale Jr. says. DiBenedetto is back in 30th. There’s a flurry of excitement over the radio as it looks like there’s a prayer Jones can catch Busch. We want to be competitive, we want to compete, we want to have a good last season. Spread love,” after the white supremacist and Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va. where a white supremacist killed a woman, Heather Heyer, with his car when he deliberately plowed into the crowd. DiBenedetto wasn’t born with a silver wheel in his hands or a last name that’s etched into the walls at Bristol, but he can entertain on and off the track. “And you feel sort of somewhat responsible to speak on it. ”. Dale Jr. ’s statements didn’t come across that brave to me when I first heard them. Horse farms and dilapidated houses dot the countryside behind the auto body shops, car dealerships, Jiffy Lubes, and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores that line the road. If the front of the pack wrecks out — which they often do at short tracks like Bristol — he’ll be able to scoot by them and have a real shot. I yell into his ear, asking if he’ll miss Dale Jr. when he retires. They’d also race each other, which is eventually how NASCAR was born. The sound system in the infield where I’m standing is messed up, but someone fixes it just in time for the opening bars of Birdman and Lil Wayne’s “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” to rush out of the stadium’s giant speakers. This works when you’ve got Dale Jr. to play the hero to Busch’s villain. I passed Chase in the pits a few minutes ago and asked him if I could ask him a few questions. comes in 23rd. He pulls into the pits, where none of the drivers are fighting each other, and climbs out of the car. He’s holding a big black flag that has both the NASCAR and Monster Energy logos splashed across it. I recoil and don’t say anything. The stands whoop and holler louder and louder as the 14-time most popular driver climbs into the bed of a Chevy truck, the chariot awaiting him at the end of the red carpet. has become nearly as beloved as the sport’s most beloved driver of all time. Still, his fans are so engaged that he almost got voted into the All-Star race. If you believe the stories, one time Lee Petty’s wife, Elizabeth, mom to Richard, got in on a fight and walloped the driver Tiny Lund (who weighed 270 pounds, easily) in the back of the head with her pocketbook. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX (which an official press release will later call “Gon Give It To Ya,” by X) is supposed to be playing as driver Matt DiBenedetto walks the red carpet. neither of his parents were into racing) and grew up pushing go-karts around dirt tracks. Matt DiBenedetto is sitting in the media center Friday afternoon before qualifying rounds, which will determine the order drivers start in tomorrow night. Now they wanna penalize ‘em. They don’t let ‘em go out and race and have fun. Times have changed drastically since the days when guys lit Winstons and threw punches at each other in the pits after a race. But now, witnessing a race in person for the first time, I get it. I can’t look away. A sport that started because guys had to rebel against The Man in order to get drunk has become a vehicle — a very, very expensive vehicle — to make The Man even richer. He reeks of booze and says his name five times before I give up and take out my phone, asking him to type it for me. His fingers are too shaky for the touch screen of my iPhone, so he takes out his flip phone and slowly types out D-A-L-E. “With all the equipment they’ve got ‘em wearing now, it’s not like racing anymore. But as I stand here talking to Jim among the multiple RVs flying Confederate flags, it's somewhat impressive Dale Jr. said anything at all. ” I say, swatting the flag and his hand away and jumping back so quickly that I almost fall over onto three shirtless, middle-aged men in front of me. Flag Guy stares directly into my eyes. The crowd erupts as Dale Earnhardt Jr. bursts through the curtains with the stadium’s nickname splashed across them: THE LAST GREAT COLOSSEUM. Race trash — beer cans, cigarette butts, water bottles, energy drinks, stray ear plugs, bits of confetti — litters the pits and the stands. The drivers circle around the track, shaking their wheels from side to side to create friction and warm up the tires faster, which helps them stick better to the smooth concrete. But we gotta separate race — just like church and state — from what we love. Fans hated it. They wanted the old, rough-and-tumble, wreck-heavy style of racing back. The majority of fans will hate it if Busch wins tonight, and it honestly doesn’t seem like any outcome would make Jim happy. After only half of the stadium’s 160,000 seats sold in 2012, Smith tried to narrow the track again by grinding down the upper groove, but drivers complained that all it did was make things slippery. He’s working on the No. 3 car, which is owned by Richard Childress Racing. There’s also a picture of Dale Jr. posing with a broom in front of the Bristol trophy in 2004. It was the first time anyone had swept the weekend. NASCAR fans say, ‘My team can’t run without this sponsor, so I’m going to buy their product because I love the sport. One sign says, OUR ROOTS ARE IN RACING. Another says, THANK YOU DALE JR. RVs fill the hills behind the stadium and the Earhart Campground beside it. The colossal structure is unnatural, arresting, incongruous with the landscape. “So that’s where the hard part is,” DiBenedetto tells me. “If you have the same skill set in baseball, being that determined and that exceptionally good at what you do, you can legit make it. Racing is not that way. He hasn’t been racing well this season, but fans don’t seem to mind. One reporter tells Dale Jr. it’s the most frustrated he’s seen him all season. He’s here for the first time in five years because Diesel wants to see a race. Someone hands him a broom and he sweeps the top of his car, mimicking — intentionally or not — the picture of Dale Jr. that hangs in the walls of the tunnel. If I had a $30 million sponsor behind me, I could drive a race car well. But now, racing teams make everything in-house, test cars in wind tunnels, and calibrate them within an inch of their steel lives. NASCAR got lucky once: One of the biggest stars to ever drive a car had a son with a great personality who was gifted at connecting with fans. No one else is up here except for one old guy with white hair and leathery, tan skin. Eventually Monster Energy stepped in. After Chase’s press conference, I asked Tad Geschickter, who co-owns the team JTG/Daugherty Racing with his wife Jodi, what he loves about NASCAR. No other driver gets a response even close to what the fans give Dale Jr. VOLUNTEER PARKWAY, BRISTOL, TENN. The haulers honk in acknowledgement, each blast loud and guttural. In 1994, brakes cost $3,500 at the Daytona 500. Now they cost $38,000. NASCAR knows the high costs are unsustainable, and everyone — from drivers to team owners — wants to bring them down. And I be stuntin’ like my daddy, stuntin’ like my daddy. It’s the morning before the Bristol Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race, and I’m speeding. Later this afternoon, DiBenedetto will totally botch his qualifying rounds and will have to start the race tomorrow 34th out of 40 cars. Food City has ‘em for sale. In 2007, owner Bruton Smith resurfaced and modified the track to create more space and allow drivers to race side by side with plenty of room to pass. BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NIGHT RACE , SATURDAY — 6:51:55 P. M. , 40 MINUTES UNTIL LAP 1/500. The DJ keeps playing the wrong music. Confederate flags fly from at least four of the trailers’ roofs. “I used to drive — gosh. Moonshine used to be the predominant illegal substance in the region, but these days it’s painkillers and fentanyl. “If they hit each other, it used to be, well, fine. Busch, Kyle Larson , Elliott, and Erik Jones (all of whom are in their 20s, except Busch, who’s 32) battle for the top spots, but by lap 361, Busch is in first again. Squinting his eyes and pursing his lips, he shakes his head and walks away alone, disappearing into the maze of haulers. How can anyone run No. 3 after Dale Sr. I made it in time for Chase Elliott’s press conference this morning, but I shouldn’t have bothered racing to get there. After a brief stint in the top 10, things aren’t looking good for Dale Jr. He’s fallen back to 21st as we enter the third and final stage of the race. I get a taste of what the sport used to be, and I’m struck by a sense of loss. But the CEO of the construction company that sponsors DiBenedetto will be sitting nearby as the driver says this to me, and it will seem very much like DiBenedetto is trying to will the chance of a win into existence. All of this means that it now costs $40 million to run one car for one season. I’m not not pretending I’m a race car driver, but I’m mostly worried I’ll be late for Chase Elliott’s 9:15 a. m. press conference. “This race track can be a lot of fun, or it can be very difficult,” Dale Jr. says to me and two other reporters. Logos of Food City, Bass Pro Shops, the NRA, and other sponsors, as well as the faces of famous drivers — Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr. — adorn banners wrapped around the building’s many steel spines. The 21-year-old son of NASCAR legend Bill Elliott (aka Awesome Bill from Dawsonville) just offered platitudes about trying hard — he’s been running well this season but he hasn’t won a race yet. But maybe, if Diesel gets to see Busch take home the trophy, the trip will have been worth it. BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NIGHT RACE — 10:44:98, LAP 500/500. The checkered flag falls. The problem is there aren’t many compelling reasons to do so. BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NIGHT RACE — 7:31:01 P. M. , SATURDAY, LAP 1/500. “Drivers, start your engines. Lee stopped watching the races after Dale Sr. died and NASCAR changed everything about the sport in the years since. “Bristol used to be sold out, and it hasn’t been in years,” she continues. Legend has it she was packing a. 45. Now, drivers look more like Goldman Sachs interns than the mechanic who’d fix your car if you pulled into one of the auto body shops off the main drag in Bristol. A man who doesn’t want me to use his name in this article is browsing the racks of Cindy’s booth with his grandson named Diesel. The pit crews have packed up the cars and the haulers are starting to leave. Reynolds, a tobacco company, was the first Cup sponsor in 1971. The company managed to hang on through the decades as Big Tobacco was dying but gave up the sponsorship in 2003. Nextel picked up the rights, then merged with Sprint, renaming the... Tomorrow morning, sitting in front of his hauler, DiBenedetto will tell me that his lousy starting position could actually be a good thing. He’s wearing a Dale Jr. tank and drinking a beer wrapped in an ancient koozie with Dale Sr. ’s No. 3 on it. A cooler beneath him is packed with ice and 10 more beers:. Bill France Sr. , who founded the sport in 1948, passed the business down to his son Bill Jr. who passed it down to his son, Brian, the current CEO. But he could use spec parts to throw a car together and muscle his way to wins. Junior won the Busch series race (now called the Xfinity series) that Friday, then won the Nextel Cup series (now the Monster Energy Cup Series) on Saturday night. He holds onto the cab like it’s reins of steel and glides down the straightaway to his Chevy, the high tech, aerodynamic race car he’ll soon drive around the track. He tells me that the drills he used 15 years ago were the same ones I could buy at an auto parts store. Diesel follows, unwrapping the toy car Jim bought him, a replica of Kyle Busch’s Toyota. Most of the gear for sale is dedicated to the Dales, but there are also glow-in-the-dark Bristol shirts, photos of Danica Patrick in a bikini, and beer koozies. Kyle Busch, the best and most hated driver in the sport right now , walks out to boos a few drivers later. The guy — I’ll call him Jim — works at a paper mill in the south that used to be employee-owned until a global corporation bought it out last year. BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NIGHT RACE — 7:26:44 P. M. , FIVE MINUTES UNTIL LAP 1/500. After the driver intros, I walk through the concrete tunnel that takes me underneath the steeply banked track to the main concourse. You can almost imagine the marketing meeting: Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. worked out, and people loved Bill Elliott, so let’s push his son , Chase. Busch is Diesel’s favorite driver, even though Jim only likes drivers who race Fords. The sport is struggling a bit on TV, too: Ratings for seven of the eight races Fox broadcast in the first half of the season were down from 2015. The sport is OK financially until 2024 because it’s locked into billion-dollar broadcast deals with... We gotta keep race out of racing. In a sport where viewers’ loyalty centers on individual drivers, a guy like DiBenedetto, or Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. (who wasn’t racing at Bristol because he currently doesn’t have a sponsor), or Ryan Blaney, or Landon Cassill, could be... there are three stages to a race rather than one long slog, the system of awarding points isn’t the same as it used to be, and there are now playoffs in addition to the regular Cup Series championship (as well as other, more in-the-weeds... One of my southern colleague’s father used to say that “Racing at Bristol is a damn fistfight in a soup bowl. I don’t get it. ”. He's referring to Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson, who supported removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House after white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal... It’s sports, it’s not racing,” Lee says, standing by a display of toy cars. The Friday night race won’t start until 7 p. m. , but the day begins early for reporters, who used to have to arrive at the track 12 hours ahead of time to beat the terrible traffic. Races at Bristol, which once sold out 55 consecutive races, always have empty seats now. His parents moved the family to South Carolina to pursue his racing career but stopped paying for his cars when he was 16 because they couldn’t afford it. He’s hung on to the sport by a thread in the 10 years since, hopping from team to team,... Before I can ask him exactly what he means by “keep race out of racing,” he tells me he and Diesel have to go find something to eat, and he walks away. On the 88th lap, fans stand up and cheer to honor Dale Jr. as he whizzes by. Two guys a few rows down stay standing, each raising three fingers to the sky, an homage to the original, and only true, No. 3. Dale Sr. isn't dead. The stadium smells like a campfire, and the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race logo (a fish with bat wings, which looks suspiciously like the butt of a rifle) flips around and around on the jumbotron. All of Jim’s friends who used to have season tickets gave theirs up when cars ceased to look anything like the ones they drove and the drivers they loved retired or died. The speedway used to be a one-groove track, which meant cars had to physically touch each other — called a bump-and-run — if one was going to break out of the single-file line. Huge, 18-wheel haulers that bring the cars around the country during the 38-weekend season are parked in a perfectly straight line: a life-sized toy box. These trucks are basically RVs with hydraulic lifts that put race cars in compartments above the living area when drivers aren’t racing them or practicing, which a few are currently doing. This thing used to be the common thread between mere mortals and racing gods, but automotive sales are plummeting as more Americans stay in cities. Executives messed with races, adding new ones in Las Vegas and moving old staples off the schedule (the beloved North Wilkesboro Speedway lost both its dates) and added races in *gasp* Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, and Southern California, leading... The Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway is the one NASCAR event a year where drivers can choose the song that accompanies their pre-race introductions. BASS PRO SHOPS NRA NIGHT RACE, SATURDAY — 9:25:32 P. M. , LAP 272/500. The sun goes down and the fluorescent lights come on, glinting off the hoods of the race cars, adding an artificial glow to the cars’ dizzying circles. Dale isn’t the only one who feels lost when he thinks about a future without Dale Jr. , and NASCAR knows it. Right now, the hope is that those fans will transfer their allegiance to another driver, perhaps one like Chase Elliott, who also comes... Source:

7-26-17 Camping World of Conway holds open house - Conway Daily Sun

PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Don't Threaten. The company's CEO and chairman is Marcus Lemonis, who stars on "The Profit," the CNBC reality show about saving small businesses. For more information, call (855) 729-1214 or, toll free, (855) 530-1773, or go to www. "We are having our best year, so yes, I believe lower gas prices are getting people back into RVing. " They were given a code once they entered their email address and other pertinent information. To enter, participants had to visit www. The company was founded in Bowling Green, Ky. , in 1966. It now features more than 125 service centers nationwide. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. There were thousands of participants throughout the 30 participating stores," said Sparks. com and sign up for the "Win an RV Vault Code Sweepstakes. They were then required to visit one of the dealerships to enter their code, and if the on-screen vault opened, they would be declared the winner. Others signed up manually at the open house in Center Conway last Saturday. It also features an RV service center and sells camping accessories. "We're definitely seeing growth this summer," said Sparks of the interest in RVs and camping locally. Camping World of Conway has been in business for 5 1/2 years. The winner, Sparks said, was a customer named Sharon who entered the contest at Camping World's Berkley, Mass. Camping World of Conway is located at 1571 East Main Street (U. S. Route 302) in Center Conway. According to USA Today, RV sales are up this year nationally: "Millennials are fueling new growth in recreational sales," the paper wrote that manufacturers expect to ship 446,000 RVs in 2017, up 3. 6 percent from last year's 430,691. That... CONWAY — Camping World of Conway is one of 30 Camping World outlets in the Northeast that held an online contest this month, "Win an RV Vault Code Sweepstakes. The online contest ran July 1-22 at all of the dealerships, including at the Center Conway dealership, which held an open house July 22 from 8 a. m. -5 p. m. The day included refreshments, ice cream and special sales, along with the chance to win... It sells new and used towable and motorized RVs, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, pop-ups, truck campers, Class A gas, Class A diesel, Class B and Class B campers. Source:

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