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2003 Fleetwood Pioneer 27TB8 Used

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    <font face="Arial" size="2"><b><a target="_JumpPage" href="http://www.autocheck.com?siteID=204&amp;vin=1EB1T272036002748">1EB1T272036002748</a><br><font size="-1" color="#666666">Get the Vehicle History Report</font></b></font>
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Alex Kidwell
(240) 405-7790
11109 Angleberger Rd
Thurmont Maryland 21798

2003 Fleetwood Pioneer 27TB8 Recently INSPECTED

Vehicle Information
  • Year: 2003
  • Make: Fleetwood
  • Model: Pioneer
  • Condition: Used
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Here is a great little camper you can take anywhere. 

GREAT NEWS too this unit was sold to a customer and has been MARYLAND INSPECTED. So you are bidding on a camper that you will have the piece of mind knowing that all the lights work. The brakes function as they should, the tires are good, etc. 

I tested the following: the a/c blows cold, the heat blows hot, the lights work, the water pump turns on (no water in tank) and the unit  is solid. 

2003 Fleetwood Pioneer 27TBS Travel Trailer Featuring Rear Bathroom, Queen Bedroom, Bunks, Sofa Bed, Booth Dinette, Microwave, Refrigerator, A/C, Gas Water Heater, Awning, Stabilizing Jacks, and More!

Only two condition issues are there is a soft spot in the corner by the shower which you will want to put a board over and put some new vinyl down. Also there is a soft spot in the very corner by the dinette, this I would not do anything with. As long as you do your standard RV maintenance and seal the unit up and check your seals every 3 months you shouldn't  have a problem. 

If you have any questions or I can be of any assistance feel free to call my cell phone. I am usually out on the lot and not at my desk.

As with any used camper you buy from us or anyone else you should seal it up by doing the seasonal maintenance as you would any RV. Check your seals at least 3 times a year. That way you know it’s ready to go camping correctly from the start. 

Just a reminder WE DO NOT SHIP! If you choose to have your RV shipped, by a 3rd party shipper, there is a $64 US postal service postage fee for paperwork. Also, you must arrange the shipping. We NEVER give titles to the shipper.  Check www.USHIP.com

As with most of my eBay auctions, I go to great lengths to describe accurately the items I am listing and point out any issues it may have. This item is being sold As-Is and not available to MD bidders. Why do I not sell to MD bidders?? MD law states that for us as a MD dealer to sell to a MD resident, that we must put the vehicle through MD inspection. eBay is an international audience, any most sales are to other states, so in an effort to keep those low wholesale prices that our customers like we do not do MD inspections, therefore MD bidders are not eligible to purchase.

I pride myself in being very up front with everyone, I want you to know up front what it is you are buying. I see many listings on ebay for units 5 years and older. Having experience of knowing what I am looking at, I see obvious delamination, leaks, and needed repairs in the pictures. But its never mentioned in the description. Customers are always emailing me and asking for a unit that has not had any leaks.  Let us be honest, any RV older than a few years, has had a leak somewhere.  It may have just been a vent left open, it may be a leak with cosmetic damage or It could have been severe and caused structural failure. Accidents? Even the most careful RV owner has scraped a tree branch at some time in their travels. I look at it as my job to accurately describe to you the RV’s that I am selling. If there is a leak, soft wall or damage I put it in my ad. If you are interested in a RV that has never had any leaks call me  we have over 410 new units with a  warranty  in stock!

Options and Standard Features
Basic Information
  • Year: 2003
  • Make: Fleetwood
  • Model: Pioneer
  • Trim: 27TB8
  • Stock Number: 38751
  • VIN: 1EB1T272036002748
  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Travel Trailer
  • Mileage: 0
  • Length (Feet): 31
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6
  • Title: Clear
  • Dry Weight: 4836
  • Construction Body Material: Wood
  • Sidewall Construction: Aluminum
Slide-Outs & Awnings
  • Slide Outs: None
  • Awnings: 1
Holding Tanks
  • Water Capacity (Gallons): 21-30
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Thurmont Maryland 21798
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WE HAVE NO HIDDEN FEES: Your winning bid price + $20 for MD 60 day temporary tag = What you pay!!

Most RV’s don’t make it to the end of the auction. Most customers use the BUY IT NOW, or call to come take a look and purchase. If you see the unit that you want don’t wait it might not be here tomorrow.

AS-IS Means the unit is being sold AS-IT-IS, we assume no responsibility for the condition, alterations or functionality of this unit. It has not been through our service department for inspection and will not inspect it. Any repairs for roadworthy before driving on the road are the responsibility of the buyer. The sale does NOT include a show through or demonstration. If the day you come to view or pickup we are not too busy I will be more than glad to talk to you about the unit and answer what questions I can. Keep in mind RV’s are not uniform and I cannot possibly know what every button does or where every switch is on dozens of different manufacturers. We give the new buyers all the manuals, remotes and literature that was given to us by the previous owners so you can reference this to find answers, provided it was traded to us that way. When an RV of any model type is sold AS-IS we do not check and components for failure or safety this is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any defect detected following the sale is the responsibility of the purchaser(s) whom will bear the costs of any repairs or services the vehicle needs.

PAYMENTS- Your initial down payment must be made via Pay-Pal within 24 hours of the close of the auction. payments for the units can be make with a Cashier's Check, Cash, or Bank Wire ONLY!! No exceptions. 

Motorized Units- You are welcome to come and take the unit on a test drive (call ahead for an appointment) before the sale or before you bid. Test the heater, fiddle with the radio, let the AC blow, turn it on watch all the blinking lights, see for yourself any pet odors or cigarette smells (even though I mention them in the ad some people are highly sensitive). I highly encourage you do to this. Once you win the bid, it is yours , and we are not responsible for your actions driving or the vehicle. Simply put when the vehicle is on our property and before you take ownership it is our vehicle/RV. Once you take ownership and drive off the lot it is your vehicle/RV. Example: We are in the mountains of western MD, if you take a 30-year-old motorhome and drive it up the mountains at breakneck speed and blow up the engine. It’s your blown engine.

PRICE- When you bid on an item you are placing a bid of what you are willing to pay for the item against other serious buyers who want to buy the same item. I have already invested hours of time and work in EACH unit. In addition, there are the costs that we incur from eBay for listing the units for sale. If you are not serious DO NOT BID. If you are unsure DO NOT BID. You are not bidding on a CHANCE to buy the vehicle you are bidding to WIN and purchase it. When you win the auction, this is the selling price of the unit, plus your $20 MD temporary tag good for 60 days. PERIOD. Winning the auction buys you the vehicle at that price, when you get here it is not the time to negotiate price. You just bid against serious buyers who were cash buyers for $1 less than you. If you bid and win and do not follow through with your obligation, eBay will be notified and action taken.

NEW vs. USED: The units offered here are pre-owned. They are not perfect. If you want a perfect vehicle call me and we have 400 units in inventory I will happily work with you to get you the right camper for you. Pre-owned vehicles are not perfect, something will be wrong with them. There is no such thing as a perfect vehicle. You can spend half a million dollars on a Rolls- Royce and yet there are still Rolls -Royce Mechanics! If you want a warranty call me and I’ll get you a fantastic price on a new camper with a warranty.

A couple things to note: WE DO NOT SHIP. I will be happy to work with a shipper you choose there is a document fee for the documents that we need to send you BEFORE the unit can be picked up by your shipper.

Financing- I will be happy to work with you regarding financing. There is a little button just above here that has financing applications. Keep in mind RV’s are LUXURY PURCHASES. No one needs and RV. Banks do not look at them like they do cars. If your RV is under $10,000, over 7 years old and/or you have less than very good credit. Your best or only option would be a personal loan from your banking institution or family. I will be happy to work with any application but keep in mind how banks look at luxury purchases.

Viewing units for sale- You are welcome to come by anytime we are open to view units for sale! My hours at the dealership are Tues-Fri 9-6; and Sat 9-4. It is best to call ahead my cell is 240-405-7790 my name is ALEX, and let me know your coming. That way I can dedicate time for you.

Delivery times- ALL PICK UPS MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT! You may come pick up your unit Tuesday through Friday between 9 and 4, provided we are not doing any work to your tow vehicle for you. The shop closes at 5 and by adhering to these times we are able to help you if you have a tow vehicle issue. If you absolutely cannot make it during these times CALL ME ASAP and see if we can work something out. Saturdays are our busiest day and its “all hands-on deck” So I am very busy assisting customers as they come in. Therefor it is very difficult to do a Saturday delivery. Again, if you have an issue here call me ASAP to make arrangements. ALL PICK UPS MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!

Delivered (by a shipper) – All paperwork must be done before the unit leaves our lot. Get costs but DO NOT schedule your shipper until we have the paperwork done. If you have to move the date and your shipper charges you, that’s at your cost! For shipping a unit we need to mail you paperwork overnight, the post office charge for this is $64 round trip. 

As with most of my eBay auctions, I go to great lengths to describe accurately the items I am listing, and do my best to point out the obvious. I am not a technician, nor a certified inspector.  This item is being sold As-Is and not available to MD bidders. Why do I not sell to MD bidders?? MD law states that for us as a MD dealer to sell to a MD resident, that we must put the vehicle through MD inspection. eBay is an international audience, and most of my sales are to customers in other states, so in an effort to keep those low wholesale prices that our customers like we do not do MD inspections, therefore MD bidders are not eligible to purchase. 


  1. Placing a Bid: Your bid constitutes a legally binding contract to purchase this vehicle. Please do not bid if you're not seriously interested or financially able to purchase this vehicle. Please read eBay's User Agreement
  2. Unless otherwise noted in auction, NO MARYLAND BIDDER'S!!  Here is why: If you are a MD bidder we must sell the unit to you with a MD inspection performed. In order to keep costs low on our already low wholesale prices we do not inspect or perform any repairs to the vehicles. If you bid from Maryland you will be responsible for the cost of the inspection AND any repairs necessary for it to pass. 
  3. All items won MUST be picked up within 7 days of end of auction. Our storage areas are fully booked and we do not have room to store units
  4. Beckley's Camping Center reserves the right to,
    1. Obtain and verify the registered information of all users who bid on this auction.
    2. Cancel any and all bids at our discretion, or end the auction early if necessary.
  5. Bidders Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to Bid.
  6. Special eBay Bid Retraction Rules: Please read eBay's "Retracting a Bid"
    1. If you place a bid before the last 12-hour period of the auction:
      • You may retract that bid before that last 12-hour period but only for exceptional circumstances. You will not be allowed to retract that bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction.
    2. If you place a bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction:
      • You will be allowed to retract the bid for exceptional circumstances but only if you do so within one hour after placing the bid.
  7. Funds & Financing:
    1. For help in arranging for a Pre-Approved loan or for any questions please email.gife-mail or phone Alex at
      (240) 405-7790 prior to bidding.
  8. Buyers Inspection: Beckley's Camping Center has done our best to disclose all information known about this vehicle for auction. Beckley's Camping Center welcomes a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Inspection fees if any are Buyers responsibility.
  9. Representations and Warranties made by seller: This vehicle is being sold "as is". Manufacturer's warranties may still apply. Extended warranty may be available, email.gife-mail or phone Alex at (240) 405-7790 for details. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids.
  10. Taxes and Registration fees: Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title service fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full in order for vehicle to be titled and registered.
  11. Title Information: Vehicles titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In many cases there is a delay in receiving the original instruments up to 21 days from the time we pay a vehicle off. While we usually have all titles in our possession at closing, there are occasions where we may be waiting for them to arrive. If payment is made by cashier's or personal checks we will hold all titles for 12 days or until funds have cleared.
  12. Shipping & Delivery:
    1. All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. Beckley's Camping Center will help with shipping arrangements but will not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage!
    2. Licensed Carriers are generally insured for $3,000,000.00. We assume no responsibility for damages incurred after the vehicle leaves our showroom. All shipping arrangements are provided by Beckley's Camping Center as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with any carrier. Any claims or other communication regarding shipment of vehicles will be between you and the shipper, not with Beckley's Camping Center.
    3. The amount of time it takes for delivery is dependent on the carrier, but is generally 7-14 days from the date the vehicle is picked up from our facility until it is delivered to your destination. Verify with the shipper for an Estimate Time of Arrival to be sure.
  13. Finalizing your Purchase:
    1. Beckley's Camping Center will contact the successful high bidder by e-mail after the auction closes.
    2. Successful high bidder MUST communicate with Alex at Beckley's Camping Center by email.gife-mail or phone
      (240) 405-7790 within 24 hours of the auction ending to make arrangements to complete their transaction. If we cannot confirm your intention to buy or the sale is not completed within 7 days, we reserve the right to relist this vehicle or sell to any other qualified buyer.
    3. In order to secure bid on vehicle, Successful bidder (BUYER) must within 24 hours of bid closing send to Seller a Non- Refundable Down Payment of $500 via PayPal, cash in person or bank certified funds (wire transfer). Within 7 days of bid closing, Buyer must send balance of funds by cash in person or bank certified funds (wire)  to Seller.
    4. At time of sending initial deposit,
    5. Buyer MUST fax or  e-mail a  copy of their State issued valid Driver License FRONT and BACK and a copy of VALID insurance for tow vehicle or insurance declaration for a motorized unit . Furthermore, before said vehicle is released for shipment to Buyer, all other Sale related and title related paperwork must be signed and returned complete to Seller.

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