Outdoor Cats

Should You Be Ashamed To Own An Outdoor Cat?

Reports suggest that cats kill upward of 2. 4 billion birds in the US every year, threatening the populations of certain wild bird species.

Is It Safe to Let Your Cat Go Outside? | Cat Care

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Adam Ruins Everything - Why Going Outside is Bad for Cats

For every pet cat living inside, there's a feral cat living outside.

Outdoor cat tunnel to sanctuary

Built this cat tunnel and cat play area in one day.

DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter

This shelter will provide outdoor cats or feral cats protection from the winter elements.

Outdoor pet cats Vs Feral cats

In Europe there are a lot of outdoor cats who go out without collars.

How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live?

Trap-neuter-release, or “TNR”, may sound nice, but the grim reality for the estimated 80 million homeless cats struggling to survive outdoors is far worse than it .

Outdoor Cat House - Insulated Winter Cat House For Stray Cats

I built an outdoor cat house for 5 stray cats who live outside my house for the last 8 years.

Our Outdoor Cats

Neighborhood cats we are taking care of.

We Put a GoPro on an 'Outside Cat'

Letting your cat outside unattended is just as dangerous as letting a toddler wander down the street alone.

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Outdoor Cats : The Humane Society of the United States

Population estimates vary widely, but outdoor cats are found in almost every neighborhood across the U.S. They include community cats—friendly stray or abandoned ...

Outdoor Security Enclosure for Cats and Small Pets!

Build a safe outdoor enclosure for your cats and other small pets!

Outdoor Cats: Frequently Asked Questions : The Humane ...

Outdoor Cats: Frequently Asked Questions. Learn about the outdoor cats—both community (feral/stray) and owned—that you see in your community

Indoor and Outdoor Cats

Exercise – cats with outdoor access are able to exercise more readily, either through hunting, climbing trees and fences or simply by having the extra space to utilise.

Outdoor Security Enclosure for Cats and small Pets!

Build a safe outdoor enclosure for your cats. End anxiety over pet safety!