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Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs

Short review of some basic cheap Chinese PWM solar charge controllers.

DIY Off Grid Solar- Choosing A Charge Controller MPPT vs. PWM

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Why you need a solar charger controller

Why you need a solar charger controller.

Electronic Basics #29: Solar Panel & Charge Controller

com/GreatScott Previous video: https://youtu.

Why do we need a solar charge controller_

Affordable MPPT Solar Charge Controller - EPever Tracer 3210A

This time I want to share my last find - affordable, real MPPT, solar charge controller - EPever Tracer 3210A. MPPT Solar Charge Controller: https://goo.

Anself CMTD 3S Lithium Solar Charge Controller - 12v Solar Shed

I'm still on the look out for a fully functional lithium solar charge controller.

Best Way To Wire Inverter? Battery vs. Charge Controller

Most people are confused about how to wire an inverter to their solar panel system.

Harbor Freight Thunderbolt Solar Item #68738 500 watt solar charge controller

My review and basic instructions on the Harbor Freight Thunderbolt Solar 68738 Solar charge controller.

Charging a Car Battery with a Solar Panel and Charge Controller

If you connect a solar panel directly to a car battery, it will eventually overcharge the battery and damage it. That's why you need to use a solar charge controller.

Latest News

  • Global Solar Charge Controllers Market - Drivers and Forecasts by Technavio

    The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global solar charge controllers market for 2017-2021. The market is segmented based on geography (APAC, EMEA, and the Americas) and end-user (residential and non-residential) 

  • New EcoPulse Solar Charge Controller and Morningstar Essentials Series

    05/18/17 ,via (press release)

    Newtown, PA, May 18, 2017 --( After 24 years of success in the off-grid professional/industrial market, Morningstar is excited to introduce the EcoPulse™ solar charge controller in the new Essential Series™ that was created to help supply

  • India's First Solar TV Offers 'Magic' To Its Off-Grid Rural Consumers

    06/12/17 ,via Forbes

    Designed by Simpa Networks, the package combines the solar TV with a home-lighting system. It includes a 20-inch LED television with over 100 free-to-air channels, a powerful battery, a solar charge controller and three LED lights. Customers can

  • India's First Solar Satellite Television Service Brings 'Magic' to Villages

    06/09/17 ,via Voice of America

    The system, which includes an 80-watt solar panel, 20-inch energy-efficient LED television, battery and solar charge controller, is available on a repayment plan of up to 36 months. Interest applies, but the company declined to provide approximate rates.

  • Global solar charge controllers market to grow at a CAGR of 16.32% during the period 2017-2021

    06/08/17 ,via WhaTech

    A solar charge controller is an electronic device that regulates the rate of current flow to and from electric batteries to prevent overcharging and damage due to overvoltage. This not only enhances the operational efficiency of the batteries but also


  • Solar Charge Controller (hardware)

    2017. 170 pages.
  • Hybrid Wind and Solar Charge Controller

    2017. 76 pages.

    Environmental concern over the use of conventional sources has reached an alarming stage, thus alternatives sources is imminent. Renewable sources such as wind and solar has gain popularity and demand over the last decade. Power produced from these sources depends very much on the weather condition. Thus, combination of these sources had shown excellent potential as complementary option to generate power. This project will investigates the prototype combination of the solar and wind turbine...

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  • Solar Charge Controller Using Pic12f675 (software)

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  • Boost Solar Charge Controller (SCC) Using Voltage Controller

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solar battery controller charger electronics
BSV20A Solar Charge Controller
Uses TI ACCTECH G4 LM324, CD40106 HLF A8
Photo by kasparsdambis on Flickr
solar battery controller charger electronics
BSV20A Solar Charge Controller
Uses TI ACCTECH G4 LM324, CD40106 HLF A8
Photo by kasparsdambis on Flickr
solar battery sustainable inverter jaycar
Solar charging setup
This is a solar charging set-up I have assembled for my portable solar panel. On the right a PV charge controller (MP3722) from Jaycar electronics $200. It''s connected to the portable solar panel and regulates the...
Photo by sridgway on Flickr


Sukam MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Sukam MPPT Solar Charge Controllers are powered by latest generation microprocessor and MPPT Technology. Makes 30% more than ordinary charge controllers.

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Shenzhen day to recognize focus light volt power supply, such as photovoltaic pv controller peripheral products research and development and manufacturing.The product ...

YSmart Technology Co.,Ltd - solar charge controller

YSmart Technology Co.,Ltd is manufacturer of PWM solar charge controllers,MPPT charge Controller,Solar Lighting Controller,Solar Regulators


[ Play Video ]Welcome to my solar charge controller tutorials series.I have posted two version of my PWM charge controller.If you are new to this please ...

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Find great deals on eBay for solar charge controller and solar panel. Shop with confidence.