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2016 Winnebago Minnie 1801FB Trailer Walk-around by Motor Sportsland

The all new Winnebago Minnie redefines ultra light with it's high quality. - 2016 Winnebago Minnie Drop 1780 Ultralite Tear Drop Travel Trailer

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Winnebago Minnie 2101DS (lightweight travel trailer)


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2017 Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB RV Review | Travel Trailer | Orange | Cobblestone | Ian Baker

Join me, Ian Baker the Product Specialist at American RV and see all the amenities this unit. - 2017 Winnebago Ultra Lite 26RBSS Rear Bathroom Couple's Travel Trailer

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RV Power For Dummies

A video explaining how to understand RV power both the DC 12 volt side and the AC 110 volt side and how it all works on the road.

4. How to light a RV water heater pilot

Tips and Tricks on how to Light your RV water Heater.

A nuclear 'renaissance' is now a financial quagmire - Los Angeles Times

"Town-sized," he said, "rather than county-sized. "Are we going to complete it just to say we finished the project. Building it safely and correctly for customers has been our priority since we started the project. Construction of 3 and 4 has bumped the contribution up to 82 percent, he said. Toshiba, known best for laptops and TVs, had bought Westinghouse in 2006 to get in on what was then considered a nascent nuclear revival. Greg Carswell, the just-elected mayor of nearby Waynesboro, was campaigning when news of the Westinghouse bankruptcy filing broke. Soil at the site didn't meet specifications, requiring new dirt to be trucked in at a cost of more than $58 million. The utility has acknowledged that Westinghouse's bankruptcy will mean more delays and costs. Nephew doesn't believe this spells the end of commercial nuclear power. In Burke County, most people seem to think the reactors will eventually get built, just like the first two. Most Georgians who get electric bills could eventually pay for overruns on the project that are likely to grow. Federal regulators simplified nuclear plant licensing. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011 and other safety concerns prompted regulators to re-think some requirements, leading to other design changes and delays. "Somewhere, Westinghouse and Toshiba and Georgia Power will get together overseas, and they'll do something about it, probably. Huge reactors may be a thing of the past because of how long and how much money it takes to build them, he said. That's partly because homes and businesses are using ever more efficient light bulbs, appliances and other equipment. "We don't build that many reactors anymore, so everything you do is for the first time," he said. The elected members of the Georgia Public Service Commission eventually will determine the actual construction costs to be borne by ratepayers. The plant for years has paid about 75 percent of Burke County's property taxes, according to County Administrator Merv Waldrop. He drives a tractor trailer for contractor Fluor, delivering structural steel. Plant Vogtle was conceived around 1970, with an original cost estimate of about $660 million. That included a controversial 2009 law passed by the Legislature allowing Georgia Power to pre-bill customers for financing costs. , which Southern says owes $3. 7 billion in guarantees on the Vogtle project. Along the two-lane highways near the plant, trailer parks punctuate the fields, pastures and forests. "Georgia Power can't afford to not build it, I think," he said. A Georgia Power spokesman said the company is doing a "full-scale" study to "determine the best path forward. A Vogtle construction worker called him at home at 1:30 a. m. , asking Carswell if he'd heard whether workers would lose jobs. But construction of Plant Vogtle's first two reactors had provided a vivid example of the potential complications. Fears of mass layoffs subsided once Georgia Power told workers that the project would continue while the company looked at options. "Georgia Power has been keeping great communication between themselves and the people that are working," said Carswell, whose father is a subcontractor at the site. But the project is currently $3. 6 billion over budget and almost four years behind the original schedule, under which the reactors were supposed to be about finished by now. "If something were to happen at Vogtle, slowing construction down or stopping it temporarily, we'd feel a little impact, but it's not going to devastate us," generally speaking, Waldrop said. Under an interim deal announced this month, Southern and Georgia Power plan to take over running the Vogtle expansion, which is not quite half-done. The Great Recession caused demand for electricity to crash, and demand is still nowhere near what Georgia Power projected. Reactor designers, including Westinghouse, touted new models they said were safer, cheaper and easier to build. The federal government offered billions of dollars in incentives for new nuclear plants partly to cut utilities' contribution to global warming. In an umbrella settlement, Georgia Power and the smaller utilities that co-own the plant agreed to pay $760 million to the contractors. Shortly after Westinghouse's bankruptcy filing, Georgia Power said it won't be able to meet the PSC's 2020 deadline. The new Vogtle reactors are supposed to eventually supply clean power for 1. 5 million homes. "As you note, no new nuclear plants have been built in the United States in more than three decades," he said in an emailed response to questions from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Fracking technology led to lower prices for natural gas, a competing fuel, and solar and wind energy projects have also become cheaper, whittling away at the economic case for Vogtle's new units. Westinghouse also agreed to take on a bigger role in the project, buying another contractor's nuclear construction unit. Unit 1 started making electricity in 1987, followed by unit 2 in 1989. By then plans for further nuclear development were scuttled by the combination of cost issues, fears spawned by Three Mile Island and Chernobyl and tougher safety requirements. Customers of Southern subsidiary Georgia Power already pay a Vogtle-related surcharge that adds about $100 a year to the average residential bill, with the ultimate effect on ratepayers yet to be determined. Delays, cost overruns and contractor snarls were not part of the picture government and industry officials painted in 2009 when state regulators approved the project to add the new reactors. Meanwhile, Southern CEO Thomas Fanning, who as recently as last year said the project was going "beautifully," got a 2016 compensation package worth $15. 8 million, including a $2. 7 million bonus. Richard Nephew, a senior research scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, said the utility underestimated the costs of replacing a vanished industry of nuclear construction workers and suppliers. But he said the project's issues show that nuclear plants are still too complex and expensive to build while meeting stringent safety regulations. Georgia Power has tabled plans to study a new nuclear plant south of Columbus, citing slowing demand growth. Charles Utley, who pastors a Baptist church near Vogtle, has been watchdogging the plant for seven years as part of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, a group that tried unsuccessfully to convince the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission... Beyond that they face a more elemental decision: spend billions more finishing the reactors, convert the project to another type of power plant such as natural gas, or just abandon it leaving two dormant cooling towers and skeletal buildings. Along the way, lawsuits broke out between Georgia Power and contractors, and between contractors and contractors, over the cost of dirt work and other issues. Vogtle's expansion took off on a high-octane combination of $8 billion in federal loan guarantees, potentially billions more in federal tax credits, and incentives from Georgia. Jim Stevens, from Fairburn, and his wife have been living in a trailer and a Winnebago at the A & A DeLaigle Camper Park for the past three years. On March 29, Westinghouse Electric, the company that designed the new Vogtle reactors and eventually became the primary contractor on the project, filed for bankruptcy. Westinghouse's financial meltdown has rattled even the most loyal Plant Vogtle supporters those living in the shadows of the towers in rural Burke County, population 23,000, who rely on the plant for a stable economy and a flush tax digest. In the process it approved up to $7. 75 billion of Georgia Power's share of Vogtle costs, including financing costs. As part of its Chapter 11 restructuring, the company is expected to ditch the fixed-cost contracts that led to billions in losses on its work at Plant Vogtle and a similar nuclear project in South Carolina. But it may not be too many years, he said, before factories are turning out small, modular nuclear reactors that produce a fifth or even a 30th of the power that each of Vogtle's 1,100 megawatt units are supposed to produce someday. Nephew, of the Center on Global Energy Policy, said a generation of utility workers, suppliers and regulators had no experience with building new nuclear power plants, and had to learn on the job. But it also set profit penalties if the utility didn't complete the nuclear units by the end of 2020. But within a few months, Westinghouse was headed to bankruptcy court after racking up billions of dollars of losses on Vogtle and a similar South... "That's key, as construction challenges for the Vogtle nuclear expansion have largely been associated with reestablishing a nuclear construction supply chain that hasn't existed in decades. In addition to arguing it was needed to help power Georgia's growth, Fanning called the Vogtle expansion a "national priority" to help revive the U. S. nuclear power industry. Georgia Power spokesman Jacob Hawkins acknowledged that the company's bid to produce what would amount to a demonstrator project for new nuclear power capacity has been beset by challenges. Of the dozens of new reactor projects once being considered for licensing by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, all have been shelved except the Vogtle and South Carolina projects. Plant Vogtle's main economic impact on the area comes from two existing reactors, units 1 and 2, that have been operating since the late 1980s. But the area also has profited from some 6,000 workers many itinerant construction laborers who are at... Years behind schedule, billions over budget, and with a key contractor's bankruptcy clouding its future, the troubled Vogtle project near Augusta, Ga. , is fast becoming Exhibit A for why no U. S. utility before Atlanta-based Southern had tried... Source:

Margo Price Is Country Music's Most Exciting New Truth-Teller -

Artists like Margo don't come around that often. She employs a pedal steel guitar in her five-piece band, and many of her beats would make for a straightforward two-step—but it's cut with a bluesy, wry sensibility all her own. " And so she did, supporting herself through a series of jobs that included installing vinyl siding, working at a vintage clothing shop, teaching tap dance at the YMCA, and waitressing at the Flying Saucer, where she had to wear what was... The next day, the van was on the road by 9 But that's just one side of things. " Before the last notes have been played, fans have pulled all the set lists off the stage. And with her second album expected this summer, Margo is in prime position to be the one. "Jack liked her from the beginning," Swank says. It had felt like, at least I'm gonna have these children and it's gonna look picture-perfect. She played drums for her friend Lilly Hiatt at SXSW that March, then gave birth in June to Judah and his brother, Ezra, who died two weeks later. In June, she's slated to play the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee, and she's scheduled to open for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at New York City's Barclays Center in October. Her great-uncle, a successful songwriter named Bobby Fischer who'd written for Reba McEntire, offered some advice: "Throw away your TV, throw away your radio, and you sit there and you write and you write. "That was the tipping point," Price told the Guardian. "Our marriages are falling apart, and our health is deteriorating," Price told him. Finally, Price changes into a floor-length sheer beige dress and platform sandals. Shortly after arriving in Nashville, she went to a party where she met Ivey, a guitarist who was supporting himself through restaurant work. The label represented no other country artists but, as Swank recalls, "I think the comment was, 'So we're doing this, right. " "It's a Sunday night, but we're going to play drinking songs anyway. The group bows, the guitarist takes one last sip of beer, and they walk off. Later, starving but wiped out, Price sat in her room at the DoubleTree cracking pistachios as fast as she could. "But there aren't a lot of people who can sing and make you want to cry or smile like Margo. There are paper towels on the table, and Price folds one for each of us, then tucks mine next to my plate. by the end, the two people dancing most wildly have found each other, and the man next to me has turned to his wife and said, "Now that's country music. She was two when the bank took her family's corn-and-soybean farm, leading her dad to get a job as a guard at a state prison and her mom to start teaching phys ed. While a teenager, the oldest of three sisters, Price was a cheerleader who could... " Price shouts as the band cuts in with the first chords of the honky-tonk favorite "Hurtin' (On the Bottle). With the album in hand, Price reached out to dozens of labels and received dozens of rejections. She plays to packed houses not only in Alabama but at Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan and Troubadour in West Hollywood, where her show last October sold out so fast the club immediately booked her for another, which sold out, too. Soon after, she went to Third Man HQ for an event, and cofounder Ben Swank invited her to put down a track—with a group that included Swank and White hiding in the control room. Price also possesses an unpushy confidence, while exuding so much down-to-earth warmth it can take a moment to realize it's not that you have an authentic connection with her, it's that she makes almost everyone feel that way. Compare that with Price, who sings about losing a child, spending a weekend in jail, having a drink spiked by a sketchy producer—stories that are all the more bracing because they're true. Bro country dominates the charts, and many of the genre's biggest hits depart from the old formula of "three chords and the truth" and instead feature EDM beats, hip-hop rhythms, and hard-rock guitar solos with lyrics about driving trucks down... Midwest Farmer's Daughter , dropped last March, transforming her into one of country's fastest-rising stars, with huge crossover appeal. "But that was the height of glossy pop country, and nobody wanted to hear that," Price says. They were preparing for a tour in England with their next band, Buffalo Clover, when Price became pregnant with twins, learning in her second trimester that one had a rare heart ailment. Price's sound is in some ways a throwback to classic country music. That is, when she's not on tour courting fans, one by one, town by town. A few days after Birmingham, Price and I meet up at an East Nashville taco joint where orders are announced over a loudspeaker (Ivey used to work in the kitchen). " And for the next hour, Price dances and plays guitar and sings in that voice that could sink ships, floating above a sea of darkened heads. As a result, touring is even more essential, and Price has spent almost the entire last year on the road, not always in glamorous circumstances. has been compared to everyone from Loretta Lynn to Merle Haggard to Elliott Smith, and has won the Americana Music Association's emerging artist award and the $25,000 American Music Prize for best debut album. Price went to Northern Illinois University on a cheerleading scholarship but became disenchanted with the huge classes, and after her sophomore year, she dropped out and moved in with a cousin in Nashville, arriving in a Saturn she promptly totaled. This summer, Price and her band will, for the first time, travel to some gigs in a tour bus rather than a van. Price has a slight Southern twang in her voice, and much of her life story sounds like it could have been drawn from a country song, but she actually grew up in tiny Aledo, Illinois. By the time she got to Birmingham's WorkPlay, she'd been away from her East Nashville home, most recently, for 10 nights, leaving behind her six-year-old son, Judah, and her musician husband, Jeremy Ivey, with whom she writes most of her songs. What this means for an artist like Price is that while "people want to imagine Margo in a rhinestone palace in the sky, having brunch with Kris Kristofferson," as Swank puts it, the reality is more modest. When Judah came along to see Price and Ivey play in Mexico last spring, he danced the entire set until his legs ached. She's met country legend Marty Stuart in a trailer attached to the back of his bus. Farmer's Daughter came out as outlaw stars like Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton were releasing music that's hard-edged and honest, production that's straightforward, and recent albums that have been hugely successful (Stapleton's went double... The power of. All of which puts Price, 33, out of sync with much of the most popular country music of the last 10 years. "The independent country realm is looking for a female to put up on that Rushmore," says Kyle Coroneos, who runs the website Saving Country Music. Back in Nashville again (the Winnebago kept overheating), "We decided we should just get married," she says, "because we're going to be together no matter what. After the Birmingham show, she'd stood at the merch table for almost an hour, until she met everyone in line, signing records and T-shirts, posing for pictures, and being gracious when one guy gifted her a mindfulness coloring book ("I've always... "So this is what it's come to," Price says, walking into WorkPlay's greenroom, which has cinder block walls, a fern-ish plant in the corner that appears to be able to survive on no light whatsoever, and a few open bags of tortilla chips. As she puts on her makeup, the guys in her band, all looking like they time-traveled here directly from 1975, sit around discussing traveling-band issues like the benefits of TSA PreCheck versus Global Entry. " The cold brought them back to Nashville, but after a bit they sold everything again, bought a 1986 Winnebago, and traveled cross-country playing gigs Price arranged by posing as their booking agent. " The first time he heard Price play, "It must have been like when Johnny Cash or Elvis played for Sam Phillips for the first time. Source:

Airstream compacts its sleek aluminum construction into Basecamp trailer (again) - New Atlas

But unlike other wet baths, this one is dressed in Airstream's iconic aluminum paneling, as are the walls around the entire cabin. The ensuing lack of interior space isn't a big deal because this buyer doesn't want to spend the entire trip auto-touring and sitting inside an aluminum shell watching TV, anyway. From the outside, the 16. 3-ft (5-m) Basecamp looks much like it did a decade ago, with a clean, aluminum-clad shell with dark, wraparound glass. The shape is more box trailer, but the subtle curve of the roofline and angle of the rear lend a hint of teardrop. LED lighting comes standard, and air conditioning is available optionally. The 22-gal (83-L) fresh water tank feeds the kitchen sink, bathroom and standard hot/cold exterior shower, and two 20-lb (9-kg) steel LP tanks provide fuel for the appliances. Key to that spacious load area is the multifunctional living/sleeping/dining area just inside the hatch, which breaks down to create an open aisle during travel. He or she wants to park at a campsite or trailhead ASAP, get out of the vehicle and spend the day outside, relying on the trailer as a place to have a meal and sleep off a day of hiking, surfing, biking, climbing or whatever. After extensive research and some redesigning, Airstream now feels the market is ripe for the small, sleek Basecamp, a model that is completely independent of the upcoming Nest-based Airstream. The targeted Basecamp buyer isn't driving a V8-powered pickup truck or full-size SUV, so they need a trailer small enough to shadow a more modest AWD crossover. With the addition of a few cushions, that area can also be used as a 76 x 76-in (193 x 193-cm) full-sized bed for two, a 76 x 38-in (193 x 97-cm) single bed, and a dining/living area with two adjustable tables and seating for five. Weight has also been trimmed down to 2,585 lb (1,173 kg), a loss of nearly 200 lb (91 kg) when compared with the 2007 model's 2,750 lb (1,247 kg), as listed by Nada Guides. Airstream's research undoubtedly ventured through the crossover utility vehicle market and took note of the small trailer/camper renaissance we've witnessed in the past few years. We'd say it's a damn good-looking trailer, as contemporary today as it was when we first saw it in 2005. Some features that have been added since the Basecamp's last run are the full wet bath with removable handheld shower and china toilet and the... Airstream's PR team tells us that the first Basecamp was pulled after a few model years when Airstream decided that the market wasn't quite right. The single rear hatch doesn't appear to offer quite as much loading room as the double doors on the first-gen Basecamp, but it does provide direct access to the 10. 5 ft (3. 2 m) of load floor length, helping to get bikes, boards and boats on... A standard slide-in awning creates some shade outside, and the optional patio and rear tents create extra fully enclosed shelter around the trailer. The new Basecamp becomes yet another option for adventurous young souls pulling overnighters in the wilderness, joining the likes of the Winnebago Concept Adventure Vehicle camper van, Taxa Woolly Bear trailer and Tepui White Lightning roof tent,... Source:

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    "So this is what it's come to," Price says, walking into WorkPlay's greenroom, which has cinder block walls, a fern-ish plant in the corner that appears to be able to survive on no light whatsoever, and a few open bags of tortilla chips. . The cold


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