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2016 Winnebago Minnie 1801FB Trailer Walk-around by Motor Sportsland

The all new Winnebago Minnie redefines ultra light with it's high quality.

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2017 Winnebago Minnie 2500RL | Travel Trailer | Platinum | Mocha

This beautiful coach may be short, but it is big on storage and has excellent counter top space.

2016 WINNEBAGO MINNIE WINNIE 22R #31696 W/Ken Miller

com 1335 Wilmington Pike West Chester,PA 19382- Stoltzfus RV'S & Marine.

2000 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22ft Class C Motorhome at Valley RV Supercenter

2000 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22ft Class C Motorhome at Valley RV Supercenter. - 2016 Winnebago Minnie Drop 1780 Ultralite Tear Drop Travel Trailer

ly/1r39My5 or call Haylett Auto & RV of Coldwater. - New 2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R Motor Home Class C


2018 Winnebago Minnie Plus 30RLSS RV Review | Premium Travel Trailer | Platinum | Cobblestone | Ian

This gorgeous, quality couples coach is exactly what you've been looking for.

2017 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31G

Class C bunkhouse this coach delivers quality and luxury with features such as backup camera, side view cameras, automatic hydraulic leveling jacks, 3 hi-def . - New 2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R Motor Home Class C


RV destroyed after catching fire on Highway 101 near Sequim - Peninsula Daily News

“Flames were rolling out,” he said. By the time fire crews arrived, “at that point, the damage [was] done. “That’s when she discovered her vehicle was on fire. “She had a small fire extinguisher on board, but she recognized it was too small to be effective, so she just backed away, actually. It appears the fire started in the engine, he said. “Smoke was coming out from behind the vehicle,” Quitslund said. Quitslund said Craig stopped on the side of 101 at Milepost 266 and popped the hood. Quitslund said Craig was traveling eastbound on 101 when a driver following her warned her something was amiss. Driver Ann Marie Craig of Orting, who was traveling alone, stopped the burning vehicle on the shoulder of Highway 101 near Simdars Road at about 7:15 p. m. Sunday, escaping injury before her 1993 “mini” Winnebago was quickly engulfed in flames,... SEQUIM — A Winnebago RV caught fire early Sunday evening on U. S. Highway 101 near Sequim with a Tacoma Fire Department firefighter at the wheel. Source:

Alison Sampson & Steve Niles Stir Up Satanic Panic in Winnebago Graveyard - Paste Magazine

This is mainly because we’ve had a very clear division of roles. What keeps the horror genre exciting to you after all this time. Sampson: I don’t in any way think of this as a mash-up of genre influences. Alison added a whole new level of essays and voices to the back of the issues, and it helps flesh out a bigger picture for a new generation. It was the 1970s and we had a lot of freedom, so we needed to know: the rats go for the throat, you’ll drown in the grain, be crushed in the machinery like (name of person we know), be dissolved by acid (they burned the potatoes off with sulphuric... Sampson: It is. I’m from a farm and I was brought up on the horror stories my dad told to keep us safe there. As a creator you can have full control of your book with them, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do. Sampson: Very straightforward and easy. I think it’s easier to relate to an outcast monster than a superhero, or maybe that’s just me. I’d say werewolves are the one creature I haven’t been able to really dig into, though I’ve written some werewolf characters. There are questions and feelings that come out of reading the work—and we wanted to address some of those, and we do. Niles: What made the Satanic cult movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s so great was the Fear of the Unknown. That said, we’ve been to places where we moved along very quickly and one of those, in Ireland, was an inspiration for this book. We’ve got an exclusive first look at issue #1 art from Jen Bartel and Donya Todd, as well as confirmation of upcoming contributors Paulina Ganucheau and Aud Koch. It just felt like a good fit for the actual feeling we wanted to evoke—it is almost folk art, yet is frenetic and full of emotion as well, and, if you look, it is very much about doing. Paste: The book plays into some deliciously gory tropes surrounding devil worship, but you’ve enlisted guest essay contributions in the back that flesh out real-world Satanism. Paste: Alison, Steve’s name is synonymous with horror, but is it a genre you hold close to your heart as well. ), be poisoned, be trapped by fire, or get stuck in a space where no one can find you and so on. I believed all this because it either was true, or was sufficiently credible, and I tend to think horror is very close to us in the real world. Paste: Steve, you’ve been writing comics for decades, and your breakout work— 30 Days of Night —came out 15 years ago. Sampson has also recruited a who’s-who of rising artists, most of whom aren’t traditionally known for horror work, to provide pin-ups for the series. Check out the full interview below to uncover Sampson and Niles’ devilish plans for Winnebago Graveyard , which hits shelves June 14th. when you have a campervan. Steve, if I’m not mistaken, this is your first full-fledged creator-owned work at Image—why was this the right project for Image as opposed to some of your other regular creative homes. I wanted to provide the best thing for our book and our readers and sometimes one doesn’t have to have a single reason for that, or indeed a single style of art. I was looking (and am looking) very much at the artists themselves and if this is something they wanted to do. There is a thin line, if indeed there is a line at all, between magical girl and Satanism. Sarah [Horrocks]’ contributions provide color, where they explore space and violence in cult horror films, set in the space that our book inhabits. Paste: Alison, you mentioned when we first started e-mailing that you’ve particularly sought out artists known for their “Magical Girl” work to provide pin-ups and guest contributions. Are there any novels, films or other horror comics that inspired you to co-create something as bloody as Winnebago Graveyard. Niles: I’ve written a few creator-owned comics with Image over the years, but this has definitely been one of the best books due to Alison’s amazing art and hard work. My partner and I have a 1994 Bongo (a very small Japanese RV, you sleep in a pop-up tent on the roof) here in the UK and go on trips in it regularly—we’ve been to Ireland, France, Spain, Australia and all over the UK with it. It is a good van but... While Winnebago Graveyard revels in the cult-fearing “Satanic Panic” that dominated headlines off and on between the ‘60s and the ‘90s, each issue’s backmatter essays from Sarah Horrocks and Casey Gilly contextualize the horror and reveal a fuller... This isn’t by any means the first horror story I’ve drawn, but I think it is the first that demanded a particular mindset where I’ve had to “go there. I don’t think of horror as a genre, I just think of it as something that is. But—when our lives seem to governed by fear, as they seem to be more and more in our current political climate, horror stories actually seem to take the edge off. I wanted to provide some non-fiction that is exclusive to the single issues because I (frankly) wanted to give people a bit more for their money, and then I wanted to provide some essays that were a foil for what people see in the book. Steve offered an outline, I made some art and designed some characters and settings and we had a bit of discussion, and then Steve wrote the script and I’ve drawn it and then I’ve put the book together. Which horror archetypes are you still dying to put your stamp on. . Steve Niles: Horror has always been the thing for me. I’ve been lucky enough to write tons of comics, but I always come back to horror. Over a decade and a half since reinvigorating the horror comic scene alongside artist Ben Templesmith with 30 Days of Night , writer Steve Niles remains one of the foremost names in sequential terror—and collaborator Alison Sampson meets him... Source:

Regional RV owners forge clubs, friendships, snowbird mini-communities - The Spokesman-Review

In Lewiston, there are car shows, and quite a lot of the ladies like to go to quilt shows. The couple usually tow a truck behind the motor home. Now, more people of the boomer generation are joining those ranks, as they retire or gain travel flexibility. She added that costs in Yuma, which is in southwestern Arizona about 240 miles west of Tucson, can range from $500 to $700 a month, plus payments for electricity and extra cable service. He and his wife enjoy their time with Inland Empire Explorers. Stice and her husband in past months worked with another couple to plan a Coeur d’Alene outing. “We know people from all over,” Van Leuven added. “Some are very big, 1,000-plus sites with more than one swimming pool, tennis courts, racquetball courts, golf course, etc. “We had 16 coaches, and usually there’s one potluck,” she said. Some friends from the park have visited the couple in Kennewick during the summer. com or call (509) 466-4256. Notable: Show with six large dealers will have more than $13 million worth of trailers, campers, fifth wheels and motor homes, plus related travel and camping vendors, spanning 170,000 square feet of space. The park, with about 300 sites, offers recreational activities, a pool, and WiFi. “That’s a fun group,” Cady said. The Van Leuvens’ site includes a park model with a porch and patio. “Eight members of our club come down to Arizona somewhere,” Stice added. hours are Thursday, noon to 8 p. m. , Friday-Saturday, 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. , and Sunday, 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Where: Spokane County Fair and Expo Center, 404 N. Havana St. , Spokane Valley. “I line-danced with around 30 people this morning,” she said. “We have outings starting in April right through October,” Stice said. Kennewick resident LaDean Stice calls them her winter friends. “We make an agenda, and kind of everyone in the group takes a turn for wagon master,” Cady added. “The first eight or nine years, we stayed in our motor home. “This is rare, but we own our lot, and that was part of the reason we chose Florence,” Don Van Leuven said. The Northwest Regional Rally has different clubs that take different responsibilities, either sponsoring meals, entertaining or organizing golf. “You make some really good friends,” said LaDean Stice, 73, during a Dec. “We spend a lot of time outdoors,” Van Leuven said. The Phoenix area tends to run higher at roughly $600 to $800 a month, plus extras, Stice said. “I know that more and more people 50 to 65 are heading south for the winter,” said Steve Cody of DelCreek Productions, which produces the Jan. “A lot depends on the park itself,” she said. “In about half an hour I’m going to play cards with a group of women, so there are lots of things to do. My husband plays water volleyball with about 14 men who get into the pool. “I play golf, and there are several interested people usually,” Jack Cady said. The event attracts Winnebago clubs from all over Washington. “Our group has what they call a men’s breakfast, actually it’s breakfast for the ladies, and the men are responsible on the last morning before we leave to make breakfast for the group. He’s gone fishing and golfing with some of those RV friends. It’s a local chapter of the nationwide Winnebago Itasca Travelers, and a majority of the members live in Spokane, while others are from around the state. If you go The 29th annual Inland Northwest RV Show and Sale. Several of us get together for various things outside the RV group, now that we’ve got to know each other. “I was new to the Northwest Regional Rally, but people have been going many years, and they run into people they’ve known for some time. Those who are ages 50 to 65 also are contributing to a recent rise in long-term bookings at RV retirement parks, according to Cody. 19-22 annual Inland Northwest RV Show and Sale at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center. Stice describes a similar environment in the Yuma RV park where she stays. “Statistically, the 55-64 age group is the fastest-growing segment of RV buyers – 55-64 increased to 11. 1 percent, while 65-74 was 8. 8 percent,” he said. There are 50 minimum RV parks where we go, and we’re one of the smaller ones. He and his wife started going on RV outings about seven years ago with an older motor home. The Florence RV park where they stay includes a club house, six laundry rooms, four pools and multiple activities. They heard about the community of about 1,800 RV lots from longtime friends, who now live in Arizona year-round. In May, many Winnebago owners from around the state go to a larger gathering called the Northwest Regional Rally, he said, held in recent years in Cashmere, Washington. Often, club members share tips about RV ownership or help each other out when a motor home needs work, Cady said. Costs vary widely for monthly rentals at different Arizona RV parks, depending on location, size and amenities offered, Stice said. For about 16 years now, she and husband Cliff Stice have taken their motor home to an RV park in Yuma, Arizona, from November to March. Going to year-round events through Inland Empire Explorers is another way RV owners can enjoy the vehicles they purchased, said Jack Cady. Spokane residents Don and Carolyn Van Leuven, both 80, have taken their 35-foot motor home to the same RV park in Florence, Arizona, each winter for 14 years. “When you are a snowbird and stay at an RV park for a length of time, you form a close-knit community of new friends you get to see every year when our weather turns cold,” Cody said. Stice, president of Inland Empire Explorers, says the group involves about 25 Winnebago and Itasca RV owners. Some RV parks include lots containing small, permanent one-bedroom modular homes, called park models with a kitchen and bath. After parking their RVs at various parks around the Northwest, they and others in Inland Empire Explorers head out to different activities. Spokane residents Jack Cady, 71, and his wife Mary, 69, tend to stick closer to home, but they often take their RV to monthly Winnebago group gatherings as members of Inland Empire Explorers. After he retired five years ago, they decided to buy a new RV. With such a purchase, a dealership often gives buyers a first-year membership to Winnebago Itasca Travelers, Cady said. For those who head south for winters, multiple RV parks in Arizona cater to people ages 55 and older, Stice said, although people do live in the parks year-round. The Stices, who have a 36-foot Itasca, rank among thousands of RV owners routinely traveling south for winters and forming mini RV communities in warmer-climate states to soak in the sun and outdoor recreation. Source:


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