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2017 WINNEBAGO VISTA LX 35F #31955 w/Ken Miller

com 1335 Wilmington Pike West Chester,PA 19382- Stoltzfus RV'S & Marine. - New Winnebago Vista LX 30T

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Real World Test Drive Winnebago Vista LX 2016 - New Winnebago Vista LX 27N Motor Home Class A


2017 Winnebago Vista 30T Three Slide Motor Home


2016 Vista LX 36Y 37-Foot Class A Motorhome by Winnebago (Andy Kemi)

Produced by Michael Blakeley of Driftworks Productions, exclusively for Camping World in Portland, Oregon.

Inside Look: 2017 Winnebago Sunstar LX 35F Motorhome | Keystone RV MEGA Center

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We will be moving into this Winnebago Vista LX 27N A class RV full time starting in June.

How This Big Ass RV Helped Us Sling A $240000 Supercar Around A Dirt Track - Jalopnik

If you can get past the driving dynamics and price tag, you will find no greater vessel for a long road trip. If the forward tank was full, you could use the rear bathroom, and vice versa. And with a truck/trailer combo that’s more than 55 feet long, the less you have to worry about, the better. Our model, the 35B, was priced at $152,758, and for that you get a two bathrooms, two bunk beds, one big shower, and the ability to sleep up to six or so adults. Acceleration from the 6. 8-liter Triton V10 is adequate, regardless of whether our 5,410 pound car and trailer combo was attached to it, and body roll was manageable throughout on/off-ramps. And to eat, you have to cook, which we did a lot of. In the galley a microwave oven and three-burner stove provided the means to cook, while the dual sinks assisted in easy cleanup—especially with a limited freshwater supply. With the slideouts extended, the square footage is greater than a New York apartment and provided enough space for Raphael Orlove, Jared Auslander and I to eat, shit, sleep, and shower within a few feet of one another for five days without killing... ) The four-door refrigerator/freezer combo had more space than we could fill, and the wood cabinetry made a vehicle that’ll do 75 mph down the highway, feel like an actual home. On the way to Eldora with full water, propane, gas, and grey water tanks the ride was plush and pleasant. On straight highway though, where we spent most of our time, I employed a very sketchy system—if a vehicle passed us on the left and the occupants were taking pictures, it meant the McLaren was still with us. If they passed us quickly and didn’t... Considering our journey was 600+ miles long we were bound to hit traffic at some point, which is always a terrible, boring, awful experience regardless of what car you’re in. In an RV though, hitting traffic is wonderful. What impressed me the most about the Vista LX’s driving dynamics, though, was the transmission’s instinct to downshift during deceleration. I got up, used the bathroom, made myself a snack, scrolled through Instagram while I sat on the couch and when traffic started moving again, I simply returned to my throne behind the wheel and motored on. I don’t care what frivolous luxuries and... The Vista LX also employs some clever tricks to keep the driver in tune with his or her surroundings during travel, like sideview cameras that automatically engage during lane changes. At its core, the Vista LX is a Ford F53 rolling chassis— a big box frame on wheels with a Triton V10, a six-speed automatic, hydraulic brakes, and big leaf springs in the rear. Even though the hot water tank was only six gallons, the three of us were never faced with a cold shower as our only option—so long as you gave the heater a few minutes to get going before you jump in. The two separate black and grey water tanks... On the 10+ hour ride back, I drank coffee from an actual pot of coffee brewed right in the RV—none of that gas station sludge most are accustomed to. We filmed for four straight exhaustive days and having the Vista LX to come “home” to every night... There’s also a backup camera, which is useful for connecting a trailer and showing what you’re about to back into, but that’s about it considering the camera’s field of view is tilted too far towards the RV. If a normal vehicle’s backup camera... Source:

The Jeep Wrangler Gets Aluminum Doors and FCA Builds A 300hp Fiat 124 Spider: The Evening Rush - The Drive

Th e Evening Rush is your daily roundup of auto, gear, and lifestyle news, all in one place. Rep your alma mater with the new Yeti Collegiate Series. Hoodies are one of the more comfortable pieces of clothing you can own—which means you probably wear through them at an alarming rate. Complete with a roll cage, additional aerodynamics, and a surprisingly pleasant white paint scheme, this is definitely a car we need to test. This will likely help contribute to the anticipated improved mpg, and may even make taking the doors off a slightly less daunting task. Fortunately, FCA did an FIA-spec rally car that pumps out 300 hp and absolutely shreds tarmac. Less time searching, more time driving. When you think of a canvas tent, you usually think of a large, military-grade version, not a single. Fortunately, the chaps at Best Made Company have made a reinforced zip-up hoodie complete with elbow patches, heavy-duty zipper, and thermal lining. According to reports, the large SUV will be powered by either a 2. 0L four-cylinder making 238 hp, or a 3. 6L V-6 making 280 hp. The Fiat 124 Spider is no slouch as is, but it could definitely use a few extra ponies. Well, Kodiak Canvas doesn’t care what you think, and made a killer single-person tent made with heavy-duty canvas and featuring a skylight, a rain flap, and tapered design. Source:

PSU announces lists of honored students for fall '15 - Joplin Globe

Carrollton: Chase Eller Wood*. Fort Worth: Kajohna Davis*. Stockton: Garrett Burton. Lockwood: Olivia Finley*, Zachery Reagan*. Great Falls: Jamie Campbell. Albuquerque: Christopher Thompson*. Augusta: Dillon Thompson*, Mariah Zerr*. Excelsior Springs: Charlie Vasquez, Cara Zacny. Chandler:Steven Tran*. Creighton: Lindsey Chamber*. Ahmed Almuhr*, Abdulaziz Khalid Alnasser, Fatimah Alnemer*, Milfy Al Gaarah, Ali Al Jarah. Parkerfield: Kelcey O’Daniel. Morrowville: Samantha Wright*. Newhall: James Leibold*. Fulton: Shelby Whitley*. Loma Linda: Nicholas Wear. Moulton: James Mardis. Holton: Tiffany McDaniel, Marcus Platt*. Great Bend: Justin Denney, Erica Stacey*. Gower: Trevor Johnson*. Galesburg: Morgan Semrad*. Maysville: Emily Vue. Herington: Sarah Nistler*. Fairland: Morgan Weisinger. Rose Hill: Tiffany Terrell*. Jerico Springs: Emilyn Dearman. Sarcoxie: Rachel Baldwin. Prairie Village: Hayley Hansford, Maxwell Sanborn, Kaitlyn Stewart*, Madelaine Stimac*. Raytown: Allison Matthews*, Todd McLellan*. Fredonia: Kylee Hayes, Mara Knight, Lindsey Oneal*. New Cambria: Nicholas Wuthnow. Humboldt: Robb Hauser, Aubrey Maxto*, Katie Roseberry, Avery Rourk, Jeremy Setter*, Kindahl Young*. Peck: Lindsay Brown, Nathanael Pate. Edna: Brent Heady, Keanan Smith, Dylan Waugh*. Sapulpa: Kayla Turner. Carterville: Rachelle Carter*. Trenton: Chandler Wilson. Inverness: James Freeman. Belton: Holly Coovert, Blake Hamilton, Andrew Kreiling. Hardtner: Morgan Myers*. Concordia: Gage Canfield, Blake Woellhof*. Shell Knob: Ashley Schalk*, Nathan Vitt. Le Roy: Sarah Webb. Granby: Franklin James, Bandy Patterson*. Rossville: Jessica Wehrli. Norwich: Payton Goebel*, Emily Ponce*. Mound Valley: David Bush, Lacey Greve*, Caitlyn Sanders*. Valley Center: Bethany White, Dylan Scheer. Versailles: Brian Williams*. Glenpool: Mackenzie Williams. Hiawatha: Jordan Puvogel. Kincaid: Jesse Boone*, Chelsey Brooks, Jory Ramsey*. Pleasant Hill: Spencer Harvey*. Springfield: Adam Barton*, McKenna Hightower*, Samuel Moore*. Liberal: Mikayla Bartlett*, Joel Dermott, Kori Dodson*, Caitlin Moreno, Kelsey Peckman*. Gravette: Casey Blanchard*, Brittany Tucker. Mulvane: Blake Gunter*, Caitlin Martin, Macie Voss. Bronaugh: Tyler Brannan, Kalee Woody*. Tulsa: Yahzmen Abraham, Jonathon Gruenewald, Denton Hays, Leslie Nichols*, Abigail Wiens*. Chetopa: Kristen Henningsen, Kayla Kabrey. Colwich: Bridget Bergkamp*, Samuel Dold, Evan Omo, Colby Rock. Gladstone: Lori Barnes, Hannah Pio, Christen Whea. Manhattan: Elizabeth Beardsley, Jennifer Bliss*, Dillon Mack. Peabody: Jordan Riggs*. Leon: Hannah Boline, Kaysi Wolf. Nixa: Megan Wickersham. Dadeville: Megan Winters*. Dennis: Shelby Bussen, Lee Sotiropoulos. Omaha: Josiah Gustafson, Kristen Van Hoosen*, David Rainey*. Quapaw: Elicia Bunce, Sierra Burkybile*, Blake Burrows, Kaitlyn Campbell. Students marked with (*) qualified for All-A Scholastic Honors. Osawatomie: Breaunna Judy, Nicholas Lewis*, Tanner Loveland, Marley Murrow*. Elk City: Levi Wyrick*. West Baden: Jacob Reynolds. El Dorado: Jordan Flowers. Maize: Mason McCreath*, Jordan Wiedemann*. Clearwater: Taylor Wiebe. Burnsville: Taylor Unke. Monett: Vickie Aldridge*, Corina Arroyo, Halaina Durant, Kiley Franke, Lauren Jenkins, Mattie Parrigon*, Adriel Ridenou*. Cassville: Ali Hanson, Audry Holman, Lane Madison*, Andrew Whitham. Morill: Megan Peabody. Silver Spring: Michael Feiveson. Basehor: Alexis Frank, Amber Garver*, Carlie Holmes, Lynda Morrell, Jade Provence. Appleton City: Eli Engeman*. Sublette: Haley Miller. Rio Grande: Bruno Isoton De David, Larissa Favero Fiedler*, Alexandre Silva Passalacqua*, Tatiana Piccin*, Pedro Henrique De Sa Resende*. Fayetteville: Devon Dowell*, Shelby Dowell*. Mindenmines: Kathryn Giffin*, Gladys Rojo*, Joshua Short. Castle Rock: Taylor McQueen. Bonner Springs: James Goss, Gunnar Marney, Steyr Stubenrauch, Quinnlyn Walcott*. Cheney: Tasha Dawson, Samantha Everitt, Tyler Hillman. Scott City: Chantz Yager. Waverly: Catherine Chapman*, Dalton Foster, Katherine Graham*, Tara Henderson*. Carthage: Marla Batten, Paul Chambers*, Michaela Joines*, Sindy Monzon Aguilon, Chea Smith*, Nolan Terrill, Heidi Todd. Garnett: Jesse Blake, Samantha McCullough, Jaime Mersman*. Eureka: Beth Hendrickson*, Grace Hendrickson*, Danielle Mouer*. To qualify for All-A Scholastic Honors, students must receive a grade of A in all credit course work for the semester. Greenfield: Kristen Daniel, Katie Meyers. Hot Springs: James Morrison. Conway Springs: Sarah Berntsen. Bates City: Ethan Fugitt. Garden City: Brianna Kendrick*, Delani Vogrin. Wyandotte: Felicia Beard, John Johnson, Cole Hurley*. Bentonville: Mackenzie Netherton, Madalyn Overstreet, Erissa Porras*, Lindsay Short, Kanon Steen*, Elysium Travis*, Jaydon Wilson*. Rogers: Kara Jackson, Brittany Patterson, Kristen Schatzman*. Andover: Hailey Becker*, Aaron Maddox*, Nicholas Wien. Leawood: Lauren Bever, Heather Hartong*, Grace Nightingale, Michaela Rupp. John: Jessica Hanson. Arthur City: Kaitlyn Degraff*. *, Jacob Hendrix, David Norman. Owasso: Zachary Dunn, Melissa Long, Michael Norris*. Colony: Jayden Bowen, Calessa Callaway*, Arlynna Hendrix*, Jordan Morton, Lannette Wood*. Jerico Springs: James Reynolds*. Grain Valley: Joshua Lowe*, Molly McDaniel. Pleasanton: Mason Coffman, Preston Coffman*, Johnathon Gray, Brianna Laver*, Karesa Lewis, Dalton Shrum. Salina: Kyleigh Becker*, Lindsey Viets*, Chanda Williams*, Madeline Woolsey*. McCune: Morgan Blanchard*, Jesse Doff-Sotta, Gage Fox, Garret Platt, Tessa Robin*. Southwest City: Clara Moore. Tonganoxie: Megan Downing*, Meghan Jackson*, Noe Puebla-Garcia, Alyssa Rucker. Butler: Kiersten Morris, Cameron Rice, Lauren Wainscott*. To qualify for Dean’s Scholastic Honors, students must receive a grade point average of 3. 6000 for that semester. Pierce City: Elizabeth Younker*. Schell City: Grant Davis. Baldwin: Emily Sommer*, Lauren Watson. Claremore: Jessica Headrick*, Bradi Nichols, Katelyn Remy, Jared Vincent. Blue Springs: Kennedy Dujakovich, Ashton Henson, Carson Letchworth, Kai Miller Plastics. Derby: Ren Bean, Dakota Carlson, Hannah Howard*, Ashley Keller*. Caney: Tamara Cutler, Anthony Morrison, Sarah Nelson*, Caitlin Shepard*. Broken Arrow: Lauren Bohannon, Blake Kik, Matthew Turner*. Cawker City: Kristopher Jones*. Oklahoma City: Courtney Nelson. Eudora: Kristen Dennis*, Lauren Gabriel*, Kayla Ingalls*. Spring Hill: Serena Hoffman, Lucas Mapes*, Anna Menefee*, Julia Patrick. Newton: Cheyenne Garrison*, Timothy Graber*, Silas Minkevitch, Lauren Regier*, Carson Voth*, Mikaleigh Wilson*. Scammon: Rylie Dainty, Olivia Ellison*, Kayla Jones*, Channing Solon*, Thad White. Cherryvale: Brooke Blaes*, Rene Breth, Jazmine Colvard, Jacob Hammer, Andrea Hucke*, Katelynn Main*, Kathleen Russell*. La Cygne: Tyler Breedlove, Emily Feldman*, Hayley Nash, Sara Swepston*. Haley Iversen, Stephanie Smith*, Matthew Stross*. El Dorado Springs: Khrystin Davis*, Dusty Hooper, Kyle McCullick, Christopher Mott*, Kelsey Pettit. Saint Paul: Kelli Carter, Jessica Crager*, Anthony Diskin. Peculiar: Emily Argotsinger, Landis Duff, Johnathan Frakes*, Sarajo Fuqua*, Garrett Seber*, Brody Wild*, Mason Wild. Asuncion: Camilo Navarro Aguayo*, Andrea Echarte Anez*, Ana Blanco*, Joel Britez, Ana Gross Brown*, Alberto Ramirez Fleitas, Fernando Insfran Girala, Araceli Magali Chase Mallorquin, Aldo Cresta Pena, Jean Pierre Cousirat Pfingst, Paula Kiese... Clinton: Tyler Ford, Nicholas Hill. Dodge City: Kennedy Burks*, Samantha Kinkelaar, Jakob Manke, Kale Riekenber*. Neodesha: Lucas Arnold*, Trenton Banning, Megan Littau*, Nicholas McCall*. Goddard: Rebecca Brittain, Lexi Cole, Natalie Dooley*, Noelle Dooley, Jordan Gorges*. Harrisonville: Sarah Cass, Timothy Johnico, Samuel Krenzer, Jordan Ours. Garden City: Kristin Padilla, Wyatt Smith, Ivan Vazquez. Leavenworth: Alexius Amos, Jacob Decker*, Karisa Garber*, Hannah Overbey*, Clara Park, Sydney Pendleton*. Ottawa: Kelvin Harrell, Tyler Kaub, Kaitlyn Madden, Hannah Thomas*, Shawn Turner. Arkansas City: Wesley Brantley, Laci Hadorn*, Amanda Jones, Rosa Mendez*. Louisburg: Lexie Cahill*, Christopher Chase*, Rachel Gobely*, Ashlee Goff*, Michelle Henry*, Curtis Kasitz, Jesse Morland, Kara O’Keefe, Dylan York. Golden City: James Fanning*, Ethan Hamman*, Cristin Shrum. Lansing: Haily Ayres, Tyler Ayres, John Brackett, Jesse Colver, Michael Humphrey. Riverton: Laura Allgood*, Emily Clouse*, Anthony Nelson*, Jacob Qualls. Atchison: Kaitlyn Demaranville, Taylor Funk, Lindsey Kearney, Tobin Kocour*, Bayley Smith. Rich Hill: Nicole Blac*, Zachary Botkin*, Cheyenne Champlin, Kenda Heckadon, Morgan Stevener*. Edgerton: Tyler Burger, Trevor Clarke, Sydney Clarke*. Chula Vista: Amanda Nickel*. Hill City: Bethany Eckols*, Garrett Eckols. — Pittsburg State University has released the All-A Scholastic Honors and Dean’s Scholastic Honors lists for the 2015 fall semester. Altamont: Alivia Broadway, David Brown, Kelsie Goins*, Brandon Hucke, Amanda Newberry, Cody Spencer*, Jacob Wertz*. Springdale: Riegen Anderson*, Alexis Arenas-Andrade*, Rebecca Fletcher, Brittany Long, Jacob Williams. Jasper: Haley Bennett*, Dawn Garrett, Christian Hamlin*, Hannah Myers, Payton Smith. Stilwell: Mckenzie Botts*, Makaela Brown*, Anthony Burdick*, Jake Hackney*, Molly Menefee*, Olivia Roudebush, Elliott Stewart, Jadie Veatch, Morgan Vietti*. Lamar: Joshua Carroll, McKinley Crockett*, Jennifer Davey, Lynzee Flores, Zane Hull, Caleb Luthi*, Chynna Moore*, Abby Morrow, Brooke Overman*, Marissa Polodna*, Kylie Riegel, Emmie Robertson, Jerica Stahl, Brandy Wrestler*. Uniontown: Nelson Blythe*, Alex Bradbury*, Abigail Dixon, Jordan Mason, Paige Stainbrook*, Hayden Travis*, Heidi Villa*. Neosho: Catherine Cummins*, Taylor Dugan*, Michelle Forbes*, Samuel McFerron, Justin McKee, Courtney Neff*, Lindsay Steele, Shane Vandenburg. Oak Grove: Hannah Bajkowsk, Austin Borland, Frank Carpio, Zachary Clark*, Haley Kanak. Webb City: Christine Abshier*, Stetson Beck, Mikaela Burgess*, Susan Covert*, Brooklyn Hayden*, Erica Kersey*, Ethan Palmer, Jacob Wall. Hutchinson: John Allen*, Samuel Galliart*, Alex Hill, Cody Teichmann*, Megan Thurston*. Lake Winnebago: Kristin Luttrell*, Emily Mount. Bartlesville: Krishan Baniqued, John Botts*, Ryan Conley, Daniel Gormley*, Haley Gregg*, Slade Nordic*, Michael Sanders. Erie: Blythe Buscher*, Bailey Erikson, Colton Erikson, Robert Graham*, Oleksandra Pashchenko*, Yegor Pashchenko*, Ashley Thompson*, Hannah Yarnell*. Miami: Laura Chesnut*, Ethan Delano*, Marselis Dry*, Michael Fuhrmeister, Alyssa Hammons*, Jessica Hartley, Zachary McLean, Kyrie Panter, Tiffani Thompson*. Baldwin City: Michael Burton*, Willie Cowley, Sierra Hall, Ethan Hartzell, Justin Vander Tuig*, Anthony Weiss*, Brian Wright. Iola: Celeste Ambrose*, James Beach*, Kelcy Gulick*, Clint Heffern*, Alexis Hobbs, Rebecca Maple*, Emily Meiwes*, Libby Shay, Tyler Shelby*, Matthew Storrer, Kendra Taiclet*. Kansas City: Mackenzie Cantwell*, Abby Carson, Tighe Johnson, Cassidy Morris*, Jocelyn Nino, Emily Orel, Keeley Peterson*, Sally Studyvin, Theresa Umscheid, Tambree Wilson*. Weir: Jennifer Dey, Katelyn Flood*, Nathan Flood, Vincent Geier, Timothy Holden, Brittany Kratz*, Emily Polak, Marina Stricklin, Bridget Ulery*, Katie Yancey, Jacob Zortz*. Arma: Grace Allen, Aubri Ashbacher*, Paige Bowman*, Chase Cleland, Drake Courtney*, Donald Floro*, Todd Haraughty, Christopher Katzer, Joel Richardson, Jessica Ruiz*, Piper Sloan, Mackenzi Tims, Breanna Troth, Karl Wicker*, Shelby Wilber. Gardner: Victoria Davis, Blake Eckelberry, Megan Goul*, Tyler Koester, William McGuire, Tanner Quigley, Amanda Wilson*. Topeka: William Bordewick, Michael Dell*, Ty Dickerson*, Nicole Federico*, Alex Gourlay, Lauren Maisberge, Lauriane Martinez , Page McGowan, Tucker Morey*, Lauren Mulanax. Lawrence: William Black, Megan Eagle*, Chelsea Foster*, Corbin Fritzel, Kayla Gore, Cooper Karlin, Katrina Poulsen*, Emari Rice, Alexis Scheibler, Ryan Schulteis*, Jessica Sewing, Kaylee Wiggins*. Lee’s Summit: George Brandecker*, Nicholas Brandecker*, Brenner Clemons, Ryan Dodd*, Demarcus Edwards*, Jordan Hennon*, Rylee Huie*, Sarah Joshway, Lucy Lotspeich, Brooke Martin*, Jack Mercer, Austin Panko, Katherine Sauter*, Lyndsey Sherrow. Columbus: Aaron Bigando, Alexis Carpino, Millicent Clugston, Devon Fitz, Chandler Glasgow*, Gavin Houser*, Benjamin Jones III*, Lindsay Johnson, Kayla Justice*, Logan Napier*, Nicolas Robinson, Renee Roth, Ben Sills, Taylor Spieth, Adison Swadley,... Oswego: Benjamin Blake, Samantha Ghanchi, Cody Holmes*, Jordan Schreppel, Aaron White, Katherine Wilson, Rebecca Wilson*. Coffeyville: Tayita Abudu*, Hannah Coward*, Elizabeth Keene, Trenton King, Sydney Lemos, Scarlett Manley, Danielle Niles, Alexander Ortiz *, Paige Porter*, Haley Smith, Jacob Towery, Christina Vail*. Nevada: Samantha Brown, Isaiah Colopy, Emmaly Ellis, Travis Ellis, Maddison Gordon*, Amber Hames*, Meagan Hutchison, William Mills, Amanda Moyers, Katelyn Penn, Kadessa Shadden, Morgan Sheehy*, Elizabeth Smith*, Chloe Strong, Toby Thorp*,... Girard: Alexandra Battitori*, Alexandria Bennett, Janet Bennett, Aaron Boore*, Zachary Bowen*, Jordan Buckamneer, Megan Claxton, Kasie Elder, Chad Garrett *, Brittany Hanson, Carly Heatherly*, Hadyn Herlocker*, John Hey, Keaton Patton*, Randi... Baxter Springs: Ashley Daniel*, Andrew Darcey*, Andrea Hartman, Kenton Hilderbrand, Alexander Hill, Zakary Himes*, Tyler Jones, Paige Karnes, Kayla McCully*, Macey Puckett, Torbin Slavens, Elizabeth White*. Raymore: Jordan Bradshaw*, Jordyn Bollinger*, Melanie Boyd, Taylor Daniel, Dallas Hille, Zachary Jungling*, Brandon Jungling, Dillon Lewis, Skyler Morris, Lauren Stowe. Independence: Jeremy Bruington*, Allison Chism*, Anthony Conle*, Ashlyn Conner*, Halle Connors, Aaron David*, Tammy Dick, Emely Flores*, Sean Jones*, Cole Keller, Katherine Knoles*, Taylor Mason, Daniel McDill*, Pan Phyu*, Monique Shaw, Alina... Paola: Katherine Arbuckle, Steven Beets, Taylor Blann, Melanie Golubski, Brennan Haley, Seth Helliker, Sarah Jones*, Katie Kirk, Jared Moore, Emma Vogel, Lucas Wilson*, Jessica Wright*. Cherokee: Chloe Biancarelli, Rachel Bole, Joshua Brown*, Timothy Clausen, Faith Davolt*, Kalee Ewbank, Elaina Lawson*, Kaytlyn Lewis*, Ashley Martin*, Emma Tompkins*, Joshua Thompson*, Aaron Westervelt. Galena: Shantel Barker*, Marissa Blevins*, Connor Craig*, Gage Davies, Haley Hall*, Bradley Harrison Jr. ,*, Jessica Henson, Sunny Henson, Victoria Ho*, Peyton McAllister*, Ryan Parker, Gary Thurlo III, Haley Touchton*, Kyle Wilkins*. Bella Vista: Dakota Dudash, James Green, Shelby Helser*, Ryan Hendrix, Sydney Smith, Shelby Thompson. Kansas City: Jennafer Bolton, Margaret Bradford*, Cameron Corwin*, Hannah Devries*, Kyleigh Grieshaber, Maurt’e Harrison, Jessica Hennessy, Kelly Hentzen*, Benjamin Herzberg*, Taylor Hidy, Kyra Jones*, Kiah Kintchen, Jordan Phillips, Quinn Tanner,... Lenexa: Haley Carothers, Heather Jensen, John Fredrickson, Jacob Geither, Kayla Grodzicki, Daniel Kostroske, Garrett Leiker, Haley Mona*, Haley Poulter*, Kylie Proctor, Carol Smock, Kaelin Walsh*, Jeffrey Yankovich*. Parsons: Precious Beery, Misty Bolejack*, Abby Churning, Taylor Cole*, Misty Collins*, Heather Dillinger*, Tyler Drisdell*, Alexandria Forbes*, Nathan George, Brandi Harris, Kiralyn Mosier, Dalton Murdock*, Kelsey Murdock*, Thatcher Murdock*,... Joplin: Chloe Bellamy, Tedde Black, Laci Cantrell*, Matthew Casper*, Lavon Clark*, Nicholas Cusick, Alyssa Deem, Steven Dillard, Madeline Ferson, Dillon Gillis, Kolleen Gladden*, Timothy Hedger, Connor Hempen, Erin Kennedy, Dustin Lawrence, Megan... Carl Junction: Gwendolyn Badgley, Kristopher Bird, Nicholas Burnett, Caitlyn Carter, Thien-Casey Chung*, Paige Drummond, Ashley Eichelberger, Andrew Gloshen, Brandon Goade,r Dean’s, Mary Goodson*, Dylan Haralson, Liesl Herron*, Chelsea Howard,... Frontenac: Caroline Barto, Taylor Bernard*, Stacey Burke*, Kara Cicero, Chelsea Clark, Avery Coronado, Stephanie Edwards, Jordan Flauding*, Lindsey Gorham*, James Harris, Staci Hartman, Natalee Johnston, Kalyn Kukovich, Cody Lindbloom*, Brett... Shawnee: Alexander Allen, Allison Audley*, Damon Ball, Jennifer Bowers*, Karen Bowers*, Walimah Clarke, Jose Contreras, Audrey D’amato*, Alison Darpel, Colton Dirks*, Trevor Donovan, Carly Eaton, Abigail Ford*, Adam Giacalone, Anna Guigli, Mikayla... Chanute: Danielle Bagshaw, Kenna Bideau, Taylor Catterson*, Michael Churning*, Frederick Foshag*, Shelbi Giacalone, Morgan Hudson, Haley Kepley*, Kaela Lind, John Morris, Fisher Noland, Brenna Olson*, Morgan Olson, Madison Richard*, Stefanie... Fort Scott: Brett Allen*, Kristin Allen*, Steven Bailey, Erin Bratton*, Marcus Brennon, Erica Hamm Clark, Amber Davish*, Paige Denton*, Zachary Denton*, Jacob Durossette, Jennifer Duvall*, Brooklyn Gillen, Janderon Harrison*, Kelli Jones*,... Overland Park: Megan Alsop, Steven Andersen*, Katia Arians*, Briana Awad*, Edmund Bingaman*, Morgan Bly, Bethany Brautman, Lindsay Bruner, Lauren Buster*, Sydney Carnes*, Nathan Clagett, Marcus Clem, Lena Coates*, Sarah Coen, Meredith Cook*, Leah... Wichita: Zachary Axton, Kara Beck*, Lindsay Bergschneider, Brittan Brenner*, Haley Creitz, Molly Dugan, Jenae Duling, Joshua Fatkin*, Sandra Flores, Amber Freeman, Luke Glasscock, Megan Goetz*, Carlin Greene, Joshua Hornback, Zachary Keiswetter,... Olathe: Jeremy Ackerly, Joshua Ackerly*, Trent Bacon, Ashley Barnes*, Justine Barrett, Hannah Bart, Madison Beard, Olivia Boone*, Alyssa Bowers, Alexandra Burg*, Ryan Callahan, Ashley Carpenter, Lisa Carter*, Lindsey Chase, Hayley Christensen*,... Pittsburg: Joshua Adamson, Liseth Arana*, Emma Bailey*, Hannah Baker, Lois Baima*, Marlie Barnes, John Barrows, Aliza Benedict, Spencer Bernhardt*, Shelby Bicknell*, Shiloh Blockburger*, George Bookless*, Jared Brogan*, James Brooks, G. Q. Sage,... Source:

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    Around mile five of our 600 or so mile drive to Eldora Speedway is when I noticed the RV I was driving, a Winnebago Vista LX, had a problem. No rear window and a bad backup camera meant I couldn't see the trailer behind me which would've been fine, if

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    PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pittsburg State University has released the All-A Scholastic Honors and Dean's Scholastic Honors lists for the 2015 fall semester. To qualify for All-A Scholastic Honors, students must receive a grade of A in all credit course work

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    Bella Vista: Dakota Dudash, dean's; Bentonville: Kyndall Swanson, dean's, Erissa Porras, dean's, Keenga Short, dean's, Elysium Travis, all-A, Kanon Steen, dean's, Lindsay Short, dean's; Danville: Korchi Yang, dean's; Fayetteville: Brittany Thomas, dean


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