Winnebago Vw Eurovan

2003 Winnebago VW Eurovan

Miles: 45456 Interior Color: NA Exterior Color: NA Slides: 0 2003 VW Eurovan 201 hp-VR6 Winnegabo Conversion Camper.

Eurovan Love Letter (4K)

Take a tour through a GoWesty built VW Eurovan Winnebago Camper Music by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.

Original Eurovan Camper Informational Video

Here is the informational video from Volkswagen to tell people about the Eurovan Camper (Winnebago model).

1997 Rialta winnebago info vw camper van eurovan VR-6

Got a new job and wont be able to enjoy my Rialta like it should be. This one should go to someone familiar with these type RVs.

1997 Volkswagen Eurovan "Campmobile" (SOLD)


1995 VW Eurovan Winnebago 2.5L engine running

Here is a quick video of the 95' VW Eurovan Winnebago camper 2. 5L engine running that I currently have for sale on ebay.

2005 Winnebago Rialta 22QD Volkswagen Bus Westfalia Like VW Vanagon RV Camper Van

The 2005 Winnebago Rialta 22QD for sale at Colonial RV in Lakewood NJ.

1995 Eurovan Camper Winnebago

It comes with the stove, fridge, shower, sink, fresh water/backwater tanks, propane tanks, and everything.

1995 VW Eurovan Camper Overview

Very Nice full camper package, so nice.

2017 Volkswagen California Luxury VIP - interior Exterior and Drive

Volkswagen California T6 review New Volkswagen camper is better than ever, but the high price will put some off That huge number is the single most off-putting .

2016 Volkswagen Transporter Gets the California Treatment - Truck Trend Network

That’s why it’s such a tragedy that Americans are being denied the latest Volkswagen/nature mashup, the California. Volkswagen says this T6 will be bestselling California yet, but regardless of how well it sells overseas, don’t count on purchasing one in North America anytime soon. That’s a real pity, as the old EuroVan Weekender enjoyed a loyal (if small) following. A midlevel California Coast adds standard storage units, five-seater passenger accommodations, and a galley featuring a stainless-steel sink, two-burner gas cooker, and coolbox. Even bottom-dollar Eurovans with a pop-top roof sell for more than $15,000, proving they’re desirable and valuable. The top-spec California Ocean brings electrohydraulic operation to the pop-top tent, with auxiliary heating, dimmable LED interior lighting, and double-glazed windows providing even more comfort. The TDI is also available in 100hp, 145hp, and 200hp power levels. Volkswagen's ubiquitous 2. 0L turbodiesel TDI I-4 (with three power outputs) or a 2. 0L TSI turbocharged gas engine power the California. Essentially a specially equipped version of the newest Transporter (codenamed T6), the Volkswagen California gets a lineup of gas and diesel engines, a standard rooftop tent, and a variety of available features to turn the van into the most... The base California Beach comes standard with seven seats, but an optional interior configuration substitutes a narrower rear bench and storage compartment in place of the three-across rear seating. The most efficient van is equipped with an 83hp TDI engine, while a 201hp TSI I-4 will likely provide the best performance (at the expense of fuel efficiency). Source:

What You Need to Know About the New Electric Volkswagen Bus - Outside Magazine

For that, you’d want to turn to Westfalia or Winnebago. First, it claimed it was building a new Retro Microbus in 2001 , which was intended less as a camper and more as a stylish minivan. #2 The Motor Has Limitations According to chairman of the board MQB chassis in order to keep costs down and speed production up. The e-motor would have to go under the floor in order to preserve the classic flat-nosed 1950s look, he said, which is... Then in 2011, VW teased the Bulli Concept , a mini bus with many of the same design cues as its predecessor. And remember: while Volkswagen makes great vehicles, they don’t make campers. In order to sell enough of the new buses, VW will want to make them appeal to the broadest consumer base possible. With the new e-camper, it seems as if VW is on track to maintain its once-every-few-years promise concepts. But last week at the New York Auto Show, a VW board member announced that the German company is working on an electric concept bus to replace the old hippie wagon. These two companies have made names for themselves doing camper conversions on vehicles including the original Bus, the Vanagon, and Eurovan. #3 A Crowded Marketplace Volkswagen created the U. S. camper market that it subsequently abandoned in 2003. And while the demand for a vehicle competent enough for daily use but also rugged enough to tackle the occasional road trips is high, it’s... That said, while the adventure van market is increasingly crowded, we think there will always be room for the original VW—especially if the company stays true to the original retro design. #1 It Probably Won’t Be a True Camper At least the first model won’t be. A camper (think Westfalia, Westy, or a pop-top, not a base model bus or van), with a built-in kitchen and sleeping area—is an expensive vehicle intended for a niche market. Similar to the last original VW offering (the Eurovan), the MQB platform is a front-engine, front-wheel drive system but with one interesting feature—it can be optioned as 4WD. Alas, 4WD won’t do much good unless battery technology makes huge... The original Volkswagen bus is one of these unicorns—a camper that continued to inspire generations of wanderers and adventurers long after the first one rolled off the line in 1950. . VW stopped making the camper in 2013 due to new safety... Source:

Why VW will not bring back a van in the US, at least right now - Michigan Radio

They released a van here that seems fairly popular. If not, we’re all one mail-order part away from warmer weather. So, I’m spending my winter looking for the next part to keep my 1990 Vanagon going. ” And that just wouldn’t be an adequate offer for this market. Q: And how do you know the market isn’t there, surveys. A: We never make any predictions on what the future is. Who would of thought what the current gas prices - one year ago. You just cannot predict what it is. And a year from now, if the situation is different, we’re going to talk it over. Instead we need to comply with market and bring SUVs. But as these vans grow older, parts get harder to find. Therefore, people in the majority would rather go for something bigger, if they’re looking for RVs. Why wouldn’t that van work here. If you have a model where there’s no derivative that you can share costs or build up more scale, you need at least 200,000 units per year to make it feasible. We do have vans in Asia and other parts of the world. The Transit is a transition from a European vehicle that has been there as a competitor to our vehicle for decades. So they say there is a market for this, so how did you guys determine that there isn’t really enough volume for that. We are a company that offers 300 different model lines over 12 brands, and having sold more than 10 million cars last year. Whereas us coming from the van segment, we had a hard time of adjusting our model line here. Part of what keeps my van going is a community of other Vanagon owners on an e-mail list. Q: When the microbus concept came out there was a lot of passion about it, people were really excited about it. There are people who buy old Vanagons for $70,000 - $80,000 that are redone. Q: What are the challenges of bringing something like an old Vanagon or an old bus back to the U. S. A: The SUVs in the recent year has become the strongest segment. And that is why we are very successful with the vans in Europe, but over here, everything is going towards the SUV segments. Those are people who are hard core fans for this segment, but they're just too few to justify making a new version of this only for this market. This week, the car is in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show and there are plenty of reporters/writers/bloggers curious about what the car is all about. A: It's either love 'em or hate 'em. People who nowadays still drive a T2, T3, T4, you name ‘em – those vans that we used to have until the 2000s - most of them are enthusiasts that run these vehicles in perfect weather conditions. So what price point would you be looking at to sell something like that in the U. S. A: As I said, what we currently offer in Europe is $50,000 and up, and I personally just don’t see enough customers for brining such a vehicle where people would... And on the list, we hear about one VW Vanagon lover or another dropping from our ranks. The second problem is currently we make those vans in Europe, and even with the rising dollar and weaker Euro share, it is not enough units to make up for a reasonable price. By market surveys and we obey what’s happening in the market and track that constantly. VW vans are iconic. Among these cars there are also some cars which are not making 200,000 units, but they’re not in the volume market anymore. In the meantime, VW is spending its time talking up its latest model for the U. S. Market – the Cross Coupe GTE. Here's my Q &A with him about why VW isn’t planning to bring a van back to the U. S. (You can listen to our discussion by clicking on the file below. VW is not going to build this van. So when we hear about a brand new van from VW, we get excited. So when that VW parts place in California sends me the new hose/temp sensor/gasket/fratastat, I fire up the van and summer starts. We got excited in 2001 when VW brought this concept van to the North American International Auto Show. Every year, my neighbor knows spring is almost here because he sees me lying under my 24-year-old VW Vanagon looking for the latest leak from my “wasserboxer” engine. So far (fingers crossed) my van is not like many vans of its vintage - up on blocks in a backyard – a dream deferred – “far from movin. Q: Is there something different about the European market and why that works in the European market, and why that doesn’t work here in the U. S. I would say it’s due to size. Q: There are some people in the U. S. who see the “California” van being sold in Europe and they want that van here. Basically, VW says there’s no market for it. Those of us who still drive the old vans are a small group, they say. So they jump into that niche that is existing, but of course, they are coming from a different basis, because Ford is one of the “Big Three,” whereas we are a carmaker with currently a 2% market share here in the U. S. So it’s much easier for them... Let’s say you’re taking your average camper van and you’re going to Italy, take a U. S. van, you wouldn’t be able to access all these little alleys, these streets that they have – you would be stuck. We are selling 2. 8 million cars in our industry just in that one single segment … Unfortunately the MPV segment (multi-purpose vehicle or van) is shrinking in volume …. The problem is for us with Volkswagen, we are car enthusiasts at the one... We are selling vans, very well-equipped vans with four-wheel-drive, with kitchenette, with everything that you want for prices of $50,000 and up, which is not where the market here is, or where the camping market is. There is an RV market, true,... Whereas if you want to meet this price point, you need to be in the volume market, and there’s just no other car that you can share components with if you’re making this van, because they’re not compliant with the other models such as hatchbacks,... Source:

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    As recently as 2005, Winnebago was building a FWD, at the time on the 201-hp VR6-engine VW Eurovan chassis. One to 3 feet shorter than the old GMC, it was cleverly packaged and yielded a 1000-pound payload. Now we have front-drive commercial vans 


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vw camper eurovan winnebago t4
Eurovan Camper
Photo by 松林L on Flickr


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